Private Tumblr Blog Tutorial: Make Tumblr Blog Private
An explanation on how to make a Tumblr blog private.

Private Tumblr Blog Tutorial

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Private Tumblr Blog Tutorial: Make Tumblr Blog Private

For a little bit of privacy, you can password protect one of your additional blogs on Tumblr.  Click on the “create new blog” at the very top of your Dashboard, or underneath the list icon on the top.  Enter in your new titles and its Url.  At this point you will be able to check a box named “create private blog”.  You are then given the option to password protect your blog.

You will not be able to make your primary blog private, nor will you be able to switch your primary blog with any additional ones.  Furthermore if you delete your primary blog then you will have to simultaneously close your account.

If you would like to block a certain user from your Tumblr blog then go to:


Follow through the instructions to block a user, after which they will be removed from your account.  This means that they will not be able to send you messages, and will not be able to see dashboard notifications from them or post notes.  They will also stop seeing your posts appear on their dashboard too.

A user may figure it out if you have blocked them, through the fact that they are no longer seeing posts from you/ newsreels from you, however, the Tumblr site does not send a message announcing that you have blocked a person.  If you feel that they may react negatively, do not forget that as a blocked user, they are unable to send you private messages via Tumblr.  They may write something in response to your blocking them on their blog (if they are really upset by it) but don’t forget that your subscription to their blog has been cancelled, so you will not see it, unless you search it out.

A blocked user may still have access to the re-blog functions, and re-blog the content of your previous blogs.  Through doing this, they will be able to read your notes and see that you blocked them.  If you subscribe to a blog that you blocked yourself then it becomes unlocked.

If you wish to block somebody who is not following you, you will be unable to do so.  That person will still be able to send you messages and view your Tumblr blogs.  If you are getting harassments from a user, then your best bet in this situation is to contact the Tumblr customer service.  You can (at the very least) make your additional blogs password protected, if that will help.

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