PPC Optimization: Negative Keywords, Ad Copy, and GEO Targeting
An outline of the benefits and ways to optimize your PPC campaign.

PPC Optimization: Negative Keywords, Ad Copy, and GEO Targeting

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How to Run Your PPC Campaigns Effectively

Pay per click ads are a method of internet advertising used to bring traffic to websites. The system involves an advertiser, who pays the publisher to show his ads, and the amount he pays depends on how many people click on them. PPC can become a useful tool to generate more sales and conversions if done correctly, and if you read the article it will show you how to optimize your PPC campaigns for better chances of success.

Benefits of PPC Campaigns

PPC campaigns can bring your website instant traffic, and as a result, 64.6% of clicks for highly competitive keywords go to paid ads. PPC simplifies finding your target audience and according to a survey, 45.5% of people cannot identify paid ads on the search results page. When you run a PPC campaign, you only pay for performance and you have total control over your campaign.

Why You Should Optimize Your PPC Campaigns

PPC campaigns can actually hurt your business if not run correctly. Optimizing your campaign is a good choice as it helps to reduce the cost per click. In addition, an optimized campaign will result in a higher ROI and CTR that will ultimately allow you to obtain a higher quality score.

7 Steps to Optimizing Your PPC Campaigns

1. Specify Your Goal and Your Audience. – After you have decided which advertising platform to use, find out what you want to achieve from your PPC campaign and who you want to spread your message to as well. Come up with a list of the different types of people who will be the most interested in your ads demographically, as well as geographically.

2. Find the Right Keywords. – Come up with a list of relevant keywords that you know your prospective audience will use in search engines, and group your keywords together into segments. After that, make sure to write and submit a list of negative keywords and identify keywords that are not bringing you traffic as well. This will ensure that the people who click on your ads are the ones that have a genuine interest in your business.

3. Create an Effective PPC Ad. – Place a clear Call-to-Action button on your advertisement and link it to a cohesive landing page that resembles the ad. All three of these components should have a similar format and style, and a high level of relevancy as well to prevent high bounce rates.

4. Test for Success. – Experiment with different variables of your page to see what ad positions, ad-copies, and landing page combinations bring in the best results. After a while you will understand your audience better and, as a result, will have a higher amount of ROI on your PPC campaign.

5. Clean Out Your Trash. – Find out what components of your campaign aren’t working and remove them. Get rid of any ad copies with low CTRs, landing pages with low performance rates, and keywords with bad quality scores.

6. Optimize and Increase Your Chances of Success. – After running your campaign for a while, you will gain insight onto what works and what doesn’t. With this added experience, find out what keywords are bringing you the best performance and increase your budget for those specific words. In addition, enhance your bid management strategies to create a campaign that serves to bring in conversions, and not clicks.

7. Check Your Quality Score. – Find out your quality score, and come up with ways to improve. Your quality score highly depends on the amount of relevancy your site has to its audience, so if your score is very low that should be the first goal.

Use the above mentioned methods to enhance the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns and give you a higher return on investment. Planning out your campaign will prove beneficial as you gain conversions and sales, and will prevent you from wasting your precious money by lowering your bounce rate in the long run.

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