How On Hold Messaging Increases Company Revenue
A look at on hold messaging and its importance to businesses for increasing sales.

How On Hold Messaging Increases Company Revenue

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How On-Hold Messaging Works

You might be considering whether or not you should use on-hold messaging for your business calls. Here are some statistics about the characteristics and effects of on-hold messaging on most businesses:

According to a survey with the On Hold Messaging Association:
  • 85% of companies with 76+ employees said that On Hold Messages added value to their business.
  • 49% of companies with 10- employees have used it for 5 years or longer.
  • 24% of companies with 11-75 employees said that it generated revenue.

  • The Effects of On-Hold Messaging

  • 74% Building Image and Professionalism.
  • 72% Promoting Sale of Products & Services.
  • 58% Avoiding Silence on Hold.
  • 56% Providing Callers with Entertainment or Info.
  • 31% Preventing Caller Hang-Ups.
  • 3% Other Reasons.

  • Common Uses for On Hold Messaging

  • 88% - To provide information on products and services
  • 70% - To give callers a good impression
  • 47% - Sell big ticket items of $500+
  • 24% of companies claimed that On Hold Messaging generated real sales for their business

  • This means that if you had 178 sales, with each costing an average of $500, you will have generated $89,000 of annual revenue from On Hold Messaging alone.

    The Daily Quantity of Calls

    57% of calls are placed on hold and 2/3 of them hold for 15-60 seconds. If 100 calls are made a day, with 50% of them being put on hold, and the average wait time being 30 seconds, it will mean that 30 minutes a day is spent talking to customers on hold.

    After reading this article about on-hold messaging, you will have a better level of insight. This increase in your knowledge base will let you know whether or not this option will work best for you.

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