Motivating People to Work and Objectives of Employee Motivation
An outline of the differences between genders and their motivation in the workplace to increase productivity.

Motivating People to Work and Objectives of Employee Motivation

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Gender Motivation in the Workplace

Are men and women really motivated by different attributes? According to statistical data from IDG Research, that answer would be an overwhelming and resounding, YES!

It truly comes as no surprise that women seem to favor motivation based on the feeling attributes while men are much more success oriented. Men tend to be more work motivated just for the accomplishment factor while women are more are definitely more motivated by humanity aspects.

Specifically, women are motivated by:
  • A balanced life
  • Feeling respected
  • Intuition
  • The Art of Listening as a natural extension of self
  • Empathy

  • Conversely, men are motivated by:
  • Success in their chosen endeavors
  • Generation of new initiatives
  • Deadline achievement
  • Discovery of truth
  • Goal attainment

  • It is nothing short of amazing that men and women can coexist in the same work environment successfully. On the other hand, perhaps it is because of these almost opposing motivators that men and women are able to complement one another in the workplace.

    These findings are not to say that the opposite genders are not motivated by each other’s key motivators. To some degree it is likely that women are motivated by success, new initiatives, achievement, truth, and goals. Men are also to some degree probably motivated by a balanced life, respect, intuition, listening, and empathy. However, the evidence proves out that the genders definitely self-identify specific criteria which are considered more important and motivating to them in the workplace.

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