Newsletter Marketing Tips and Email Newsletter Strategy
A listing of email marketing components used to achieve a positive response.

Newsletter Marketing Tips and Email Newsletter Strategy

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Elements of an Email Newsletter

Planning out your email newsletter is a very important step of the email campaign process that can greatly influence your conversion rates. Make sure to read the information below in order to help you find out what components will work best for your business.

Four Main Types

1. Informational
This type of newsletter is used to give short and educational content found from other sources such as the news or another website.

2. Promotional
This type of newsletter serves to inform potential customers about a new product, service, event, special deal, or promotion.

3. Educational
This type of newsletter is delivered to solve a problem through explanations and tutorials.

4. Lead Nurturing
This type of newsletter functions to hand out rich content and is usually given to target audiences to bring in more sales and leads.


Email Sender Name
According to studies, 73% of email users decide whether or not your emails are spam or junk just after reading who they are from. A way to avoid being reported or deleted is to place your organization’s or brand’s name in your email address.

View Online
Only 33 % of email users can see your images by default of their email providers. Place links on the top of your newsletter to let them see an online version of your email. This allows your audience to view your emails the way you planned them.

40% of email receivers have said that businesses who send out email newsletters raise their chance of making a purchase from that company in the future. To better brand your business, place your logo in your emails for quick recognition. In addition, have similar format styles on your website and email to reinforce your brand as well.

Images can be a powerful tool to sway your audience into being interested in your product or service. Make sure that they match your content and add to your message.

Tease your audience with headlines and brief summaries, and make sure to link them as well to bring traffic to your website. Compose emails that are short and to the point to keep your reader engagement up.

Put together a system that allows you to track your email newsletter success. With analytics, you can see who can see who clicks onto your website and how they explore through it as well.

Subject Line
Your subject line can influence 35% of email users to open your messages. Place a compelling offer in your subject line of very few words that does not sound like spam.

Relevant Content
75% unsubscribe from newsletters due to the lack of relevance that the email content contains for them. Plan out your messages to be relevant and personal to give your audience what they want to receive.

Call to Action
Use your content to bring your readers to action and link them to landing pages that correspond with your message.

Place links to your social networks to let subscribers share your content with their friends within their networks to spread the word about your business.

82% of email users use the unsubscribe function to stop a company’s emails from coming. Place a link for your subscribers to unsubscribe on the bottom of your email.

Contact Us
Create a space on your email dedicated to showing your company’s address, phone number, and links to social profiles.

Mobile Email

According to ReturnPath, Inc., the number of emails being read on a mobile device will exceed the ones who read on a desktop or webmail.

Top 6 Tips for Mobile Newsletters

1. Keep your message sweet and short.
2. Use large fonts to appeal to all ages of audiences.
3. Create and place big call to action buttons on your newsletters.
4. Arrange your newsletter to be easily seen by a mobile device user.
5. Place fluid images in your email by using the % width property.
6. Design landing pages for your online store or mobile devices.

Social Media in Your Emails

If you want to maximize your social presence potential, place sharing icons on your emails for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. In addition, make sure to put your company’s social media profile links in the email as well.

Email newsletters can bring in more business to your company if you do them right. Stick with simplicity and make sure that your email content is short and to the point. Furthermore, place links and professional images on your emails and make sure that they can be accessible on a mobile as well. Following these tips will give your company not only a more professional appearance, but will spread the word about your business as well.

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