Music Industry Statistics, Analysis, and Trends
The value, trends, size, sales, revenue growth, market share, future outlook, and the total size of the music industry are covered in this overview analysis.

Music Industry Statistics

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Music Industry Statistics from 2011

8% revenue growth to $5.2 billion in 2011
13.5% revenue growth to $241 million in subscription services
76% decrease in record store sales from 2000 – 2010
77.4% more projected drops by 2016
Online music sales surpassed physical music sales for the first time in 2011
71% highest company revenues from digital music in China
500+ legitimate online music services exist in 78 countries
13.4 million global digital music subscribers, 65% increase from 2010
3.6 billion downloads, 17% increase from 2010
31% of album sales volume are digital within the US
27% highest volume sales growth in digital albums is within the UK
28% of internet users worldwide use unauthorized download/streaming services each month
Increase in monthly views from peer-to-peer sites reach over 1 billion
Increase in monthly views from cyberblocker sites reach over 500 million

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