Marketing Goals Examples and Objectives
A diagram infographic of marketing goals examples and objectives to use for setting your own marketing goals.

Marketing Goals Examples

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How to Determine Marketing Goals and Marketing Responsibilities

It is important to have real and specific goals for your business. These objectives may be financial, personal or simply involve an aspect of your business that maybe you would like to improve. It can sometimes seem overwhelming to determine goals and even more overwhelming to think about their achievement, but frankly, if that is overwhelming to you, then maybe you should try another method of gaining income.  The dole perhaps? If you are still furrowing your brow after this article, then get in touch with the DHSS ASAP.

How do you set business goals? While you sit down to determine your goals, here are some important points to help you.

You need a strategy

Developing a strategy is a means to achieving your goals.  This means you need targets, measures, plans and ideas. Here’s an example:

Goal - To sell more handbags

Targets - You currently sell 10 per week, you want to sell 30 per week.  You need to increase sales by 20 per week.

Ideas - Advertise on web directories, put more handbags in the shop window, create offers for voucher discounts on handbags with every shoe purchase.

Plans - Google your competition and find out what directories they are on and then submit to those directories yourself. Rearrange the front window on Friday and make handbags take up 20% of the stock display area. Have some vouchers printed and send an offer around via email that advertises a free voucher for handbags with every shoe sale. Put up POS , advertising that fact, around the shoes in store.

Measures - Counting the use of vouchers used against bag sales will measure the vouchers success. Extra sales of bags (above the usual 10 per week) will indicate a measure of success too.

You need money

Every strategy will cost you some amount of money, even if this is simply the cost of your time. You need to find out how much money you will need, when you will need it and where you will get it from.

You will need time

You will need to budget your time the same way you budget your money. Always plan for an action/event to take longer than you imagine, that way you have a little wiggle room just in-case you are distracted or disturbed.

You need to research

“Everything a mind may conceive, it may achieve” (Napoleon Hill). With that said, you will need to research every aspect of your strategy. You cannot correctly guess or estimate your budget for time and money, nor can you guess the skills, knowledge and plans needed to achieve a goal. The more research you do, then the higher the chances of your success. Research cannot prove something is impossible, it can only show you how difficult it is.

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