How to Manage Multiple Tumblr Blogs
Tips on how to manage multiple Tumblr blogs.

Manage Multiple Tumblr Blogs

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How to Manage Multiple Tumblr Blogs

You are able to create additional Blogs other than your primary one.  Your additional Blogs can also be password protected too, and able for use by multiple users.  This is great if you are using your Tumblr account for business reasons.  You can give a Blog to each of your staff if you wish.  If you fancy having a lot of Blogs then you can simply click the “Create a Blog” link at the very top of your Tumblr dashboard.  If you want to get to your other Blogs then click on your username, where you will find a lead to your second Blog.  Your primary Blog is always going to be your default Blog.

Tumblr is very good for helping you manage two or more blogs, which is why (I may be wrong) that there are no Tumblr management tools that are very popular.  The most powerful tool you have when managing your blogs is how you use your time.

Time passes, and that's it.  What you can do is organize the events of your life in relation to the time you have available.  So it's all a matter of organization, a way to:

Ÿ  Be more productive

Ÿ  Lose less energy

Ÿ  Feel less stressed

Ÿ  Achieve your objectives

Ÿ  Finish what you start

Ÿ  Relate more positively with others

Ÿ  Feel better about yourself

What you need is to find a strategy to better organize your time according to your personality, your motivations and your self-discipline.  The better you organize your time then the better you will be able to manage your Tumblr blogs.

Use a planning tool

A diary, an electronic organizer, a spreadsheet or Google calendar: anything that can make you keep track of your tasks wherever you are.  An online timer is always fun.

Keep track of how you spend your time

Discuss how to spread your time between friends, family, work and hobbies.  That way you can budget the correct amount of time needed to manage your Blogs.  You can plan to spend an hour on your blogs in your lunch break, safe in the knowledge it will only take you 45 minutes.

Set priorities

Learn to distinguish what is important from what is urgent.  They are not the same thing.

Intrusions (and the loss of time)

Unexpected phone calls, emails, unplanned meetings, customer visits. They are all threats to your productivity. Jumping from one thing to another, with frequent interruptions, is not good for your peace of mind. Organize these interruptions and try your best to remain uninterrupted.

Be organized

Do not delay.  Whenever you have information at hand, make a decision, plan then act.

Do not ask too much from yourself

Organize your day into blocks (slots).  Do not put too much on the agenda, you will just feel frustrated when you can’t handle them all.


If you can get someone else to handle a blog or two it will take the pressure off you.

Never procrastinate

Don’t procrastinate……Now!!

Avoid multitasking

There is no study that shows that multitasking is good. The fact that it makes you feel cool does not mean they love your work.

Think of the health

Healthy people think faster, move faster and spend less time in bed and on the toilet.  Good health will buy you time in all directions.

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