List of Twitter Unfollow Tools and Twitter Unfollower Tracker Apps
A useful list of Twitter unfollow tools and tracker apps.

List of Twitter Unfollow Tools

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List of Twitter Unfollow Tools and Twitter Unfollower Tracker Apps

Buzzom - Is a social sites profile management tool.

Doesfollow - Who is following whom on Twitter.

ExecTweets - Finds the business execs on Twitter.

Flash tweet - Allows you to bulk follow or un-follow someone on Twitter.

Foller.me – Rules for before somebody follows someone.

FollowLists - Share lists with Twitter friends.

FriendMePlease - A tool to make friend finding easier on Twitter.

FriendOrFollow - Tells you if the people you follow are following you.

Hummingbird - A Twitter marketing tool.

iFollowBack - To follow people who follow you.

LessFriends – Are the people you follow, following you back.

Mutuality - Lets you do bulk functions on your Twitter account.

MyCleenr - An easier way of getting rid of people from your Twitter contacts.

MyTweeple - A tool to manage Twitter followers and friends.

MyTwitterButler - Will follow other’s Twitters based on a keyword(s).

Qwitter - Emails you if somebody stops following you on Twitter.

Refollow - Helps you find, protect and manage your Twitter friends.

Sherflock - Find and observe the movements of your contacts.

TweepDiff - Find who you’re missing.

Tweepi - A tool to make Twitter management faster.

Tweepler - Follow people or not, that is the tool.

TweepMe - Get more Twitter followers.

Tweepular - Manage your Twitter followers.

TweetEffect - At what time did you gain or lose Twitter followers.

TweeterGetter - Get more new Twitter contacts/followers.

TweetPenguin - Helps you find Twitter followers who have similar interests.

TweetSum - Follow or un-follow Tweets with a drag n drop system.

TwerpScan - Creates ratios based on your followers and who they’re following.

Twiping - Twitter management software for contacts.

TwitHive - Monitor the Twitters hived minds.

Twitnest - Shows your followers.

Twitoria - The amount of friends you are following.

Twitroduce - Helps you find contacts on Twitter.

Twitseeker - Find who you want by what they type.

TwitsLikeMe - Helps to find friends within Twitter.

Twittangle - Untangling when you have too many Twitter friends.

Twitter Karma - Who followed and un-followed you.

Twitter100 - View your top followers.

Twitterator - Follow lots of people at once.

TwitterForBusyPeople - See who your friend is.

TwitterLamp - Helps you follow on Twitter.

Twitterless - Tells you if someone stops following you.

Twittermass - Twitter optimization and management tool.

TwitterRatio - Gives you a ratio of followers / friends.

TwitterSnooze - Helps you stop following people.

Twollo - Helps you to auto-follow on Twitter.

Twollow - Lets you automatically follow on Twitter.

Twtrfrnd - Find people with common shared friends.

Twubble - Helps to expand your own Twitter bubble.

UnTweeps - Unfollows people who have not Tweeted recently.

WhoFollowsWhom - Pretty much what the title says.

WhoshouldIfollow - Helps to find Twitter friends.

WhoTheTweet - Finds what someone’s Tweeting about.

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