LinkedIn Profile Tips
A list of the ten most important tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Profile Tips

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LinkedIn Profile Optimization Tips for Increasing Profile Visibility

LinkedIn lists more than 150 million registered members, making it the world's largest social network in the B2B sector (Business to Business).  Due to the increasing use of LinkedIn for business, it can be a useful tool to reach your target audience directly.  LinkedIn helps companies, both in the retention of existing customers, and to acquire new customers.  Through the periodic publication of interesting and relevant information and direct communication with your contacts, you may develop a relationship between your company and your target audience.  The simultaneous publication of content, relevant to many different social networking profiles, is particularly effective in order to reach the largest possible audience.

Take advantage of your company's profile as a business card on the Web.  This company profile is the focal point of your presence on LinkedIn and thus requires special attention.  Have you set up a thorough profile?  You must complete it with interesting information about your company and your products and services.  Upload a profile photo that is meaningful and in-line with your brand, so that customers and prospective customers can see at a glance who is responsible for the business and what it stands for.  The visibility and search-ability of your company’s profile in LinkedIn's internal search may be improved by publishing relevant information.  The more information you give about your company on LinkedIn, the more transparent you will appear, which will have a serious effect on your potential customers who visit your company profile.

Fill your profile regularly with relevant information.  Make it about your company's profile on LinkedIn (remember this is not Facebook).  You can incorporate interesting and useful content that may peak people’s attention in the business world, whether via short status messages, product advertisements, press releases, or useful technical articles, etc.  You can keep your target groups up to date, and help to keep your “brand“ within their consciousness.  Regular updating also improves your profile's visibility and find-ability in search engines.

Make it easy for potential customers to access your corporate side.  At the beginning of the URL of your profile is a complex combination of numbers that can be difficult to remember.  In the personal settings of your profile, you can create a so-called vanity URL to allow customers and clients a more convenient access to your company website.  Choose a name which distinguishes your company as the author of the profile.

The groups are an essential part of communicating on LinkedIn.  You can chat with other users in your industry in groups, to help support your expert status and to help your clients prove themselves as competent partners.  LinkedIn members can evaluate recommendations by/from other users and organizations.  Through recommendations, you can strengthen your brand awareness and reputation with existing and new customers.

Remember to appeal to your international customers   If you want to achieve penetration of presence on LinkedIn with international customers, then you can set your company profile to be multilingual.   A multilingual profile is a collection of 41 languages.

With a LinkedIn profile you are able to regularly keep customers and prospects up to date with relevant corporate contributions/data/info.  In addition, the profile enables a direct dialogue between companies and potential customers, meaning that suggestions and criticisms can be collected and processed immediately.  Thus, a company's presence on LinkedIn may increase both customer loyalty and help in winning new customers on the Internet through active promotion.

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