Landing Page Optimization Best Practices
A guide to designing your landing page for better optimization and increase conversions.

Landing Page Optimization Best Practices

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How to Optimize Your Landing Page for Better Conversions

Landing pages are a great way to produce conversions better than a regular web page. They are created for a target audience to attract qualified leads towards a particular offer.

Landing Page Essentials
  • Header – Make it have an attention-grabbing image and large, bold text.
  • Trust Indicator – Include testimonials, social proof, and reviews to show your credibility.
  • Conversion Piece – Direct the user to take action with a form, button, or video.
  • Content – Keep your word count low and watch out for typos.

  • Keys to Success
  • Control the Page – Limit navigation to keep users on your landing page.
  • Relevance – Keep the same offer as the original ad consistent on the landing page and make it relevant.
  • Keywords – Target 2 or 3 keywords to use in the original ad copy.
  • Graphic Elements – Use images to evoke emotion, compelling the user to stay on the page and explore the offer.
  • Call to Actions – Create an easy conversion experience for your customer.

  • Post-Conversion Marketing
    Place a Thank You page after the conversion to bring further engagement with your customers.

    Test and Update Constantly
    Perform A/B testing with different versions of your page to discover the most effective one based on conversions. Multivariate testing can also determine which combination of graphics works best.

    Characteristics of Business Websites That Should Use a Landing Page
    A landing page would be good for your website if you operate multiple locations, buy advertising spots to bring traffic to your website, have different kinds of users or customers, use email marketing to inform potential customers about offers and generate traffic, or promote your website with direct mail.

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