Increasing Email Engagement and Lowering Unsubscribe Rates
An explanation of ways to increase email engagement and improve subscriber rates.

Increasing Email Engagement and Lowering Unsubscribe Rates

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Reasons Why Your Emails Are Ignored and How to Save Your Campaign

The connection between a customer and an email is a very fragile bond and is hard to take care of. Many marketers admit they have a difficult time trying to maintain this relationship but do not know how to go about it. Here are some ways to prevent disengagement from customers as you email to the masses.

Gmail Engagement
The Priority Inbox was introduced by Gmail to sort emails after analyzing user behavior. It recognizes what emails the user finds important based on what has been read and replied to in the past. Gmail utilizes subscriber engagement as a factor when deciding the order of importance for its users to make the path for a company email even more complicated.

Hotmail Engagement
Hotmail measures engagement in 4 ways
1. Messages read and then deleted
2. Messages deleted without being read
3. Messages users replied to
4. Frequency of receiving and reading a message from specific contacts

6 Reasons You Lose Interest from Your Subscribers
1. 54% felt the emails were too frequent
2. 49% found emails repetitive and boring
3. 25% found the content irrelevant
4. 13% had changed circumstances
5. 8% found a company with better information
6. 6% found an alternative to get the same information

Effects of Losing Subscriber Interest:
  • 67% Unsubscribe
  • 17% Delete emails upon arrival
  • 8% Click “spam” or “junk”
  • 6% Ignore the email
  • 2% Set up an email filter

  • How to Save Your Email Campaign.
    Allow your subscriber to choose whether to opt-in or double opt-in from the beginning to build a relationship of confidence and trust. Come up with a newcomer program that lets the user customize settings to their preferences and request for the subscriber to insert your email address into their list of contacts. Also, monitor the responses of your subscribers to be aware of their reactions and how engaged they are upon receiving your Emails.

    To have a successful Email campaign, one must nurture the relationship between an Email and customer with care. A good idea is to aim for subscriber engagement and keep the interest of your Email subscribers at a healthy level.

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