How to Increase Our Business and Sales of a Company
A listing of ten methods you can use to convert more leads to sales.

How to Increase Our Business and Sales of a Company

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10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Psychology

A simple study of how a buyer makes his/her purchasing decisions reveals how indirect factors can lead to a raise in conversion rates. Here are some ways you can use the human psychology to your advantage and bring more conversions to your websites.

1. Set Minimums on Your Offer.
A study by Professor Robert Cialdini revealed that placing a minimum on a request increased donations for the American Cancer Society by 78%. This is because it allows people to give a small donation without having to think of how much they want to give. Placing a minimum on your business offer will bring more sales because it removes “action paralysis” from your potential customers and drives them to make a decision.

2. Label Your Customer.
Having a label placed on you can impact your future actions. An example would be that in a behavioral study, those who were labeled “politically active” were 15% more likely to vote. Use this labeling tool to make your customers feel superior and bring them to act accordingly to the characteristics you gave them.

3. Appeal to All 3 Types of Buyers.
  • Spendthrifts – 15%
  • Tightwads – 24%
  • Average Spenders – 61%

  • To make sales from tightwads, focus on packing products and services together, re-framing product value, and reducing the amount of small fees involved.

    4. Be Transparent about Strategic Failings.
    Social psychologist Fiona Lee revealed data proving that companies that admitted to “strategic failings” over companies that blamed external sources were found to be more trustworthy. Buyers are okay with company mistakes if the company actively tries to solve the problem.

    5. Plan Your Timing.
    Many people ignore urgent messages with no follow-up. A researcher named Leventhal created a test case with tetanus shots, which revealed that subjects who received follow-up information were 25% more likely to be vaccinated.

    6. Give Your Customers Instant Gratification.
    MRI studies reveal that the frontal cortex becomes highly active during a waiting period. To prevent this activity from happening, remind the customer that your product/service solves can quickly solve their problems. In addition, offer your consumer instant gratification with fast shipping as an incentive.

    7. Divide and Conquer.
    According to Henri Tajifel people divide among themselves for the smallest reasons. A perfect example of this pattern would be the fans of Macs vs. PCs. These divisions encourage labeling to your customers, and prompt them to buy your product just because they fit in your category.

    8. Take a Stance.
    64% of customers who acquire a strong relationship with a brand do so because they share similar values. Use this to your advantage by creating a brand with values that you know your average customer will be attracted to.

    9. Be the Devil’s Advocate.
    Research shows that “devil’s advocate” questions actually increase a person’s belief in their point of view. Use the devil’s advocate method to raise the confidence of interested customers to buy your products.

    10. Small Surprises.
    Consistency is highly valued by customers, but small surprises are appreciated as well. According to Norbert Schwarz, 10 cents was enough to change the viewpoint of study participants who found the money by surprise. “Surprise reciprocity” can create the excitement in customers that makes them become more loyal and bring you repeat business.

    Understanding how the human mind works can help you bring in more paying customers to your business. By following the above steps you will be able to find ways that can apply best to your businesses and bring in more conversions to your website.

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