How to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates
An outline of 15 steps to increase your website conversion.


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15 Steps to Website Conversion

Your website conversion rate tells you how successfully you are turning visitors into potential customers. Increasing your rate can be very difficult if you don’t know which direction to go. Follow these 15 steps to increase your chances of converting visitors.

1. Ask Relevant Questions.
Take the time to sit down and look over your website’s current conversion method. Does it offer competitive and convincing benefits?

2. Make Sure Your Traffic Sources Flow.
Do your research and find out how the average visitor navigates through your site. See if you can find a logical flow that travels from the landing page to conversion, and make sure that the page steering is easy to follow and does not confuse your client.

3. Critique Your Site Layout.
Put yourself into the perspective of your website visitors and see if there are any ways to improve your design layout. If there are any strong fundamental flaws, consider creating a new website that will have a better appeal.

4. Create a User-Friendly Experience.
Make your current version of the website the best one. Design the whole experience to prevent the visitor from having to stop and think as they navigate throughout your site.

5. Categorize Your Market.
Find out the different categories of customers you have and tailor your offer to entice the ones with the most relative value. Create multiple landing pages to cater to each category and find out which source has the best performance.

6. Present Your Key Values.
Make your presentation simple to understand and highlight the key benefits to your offer. Also, create an effective headline and include graphics that will reinforce your message.

7. Be Specific and Credible.
Specify what you are asking for and what you will bring to the table in return. Avoid using “fluffy” claims and aim to appear as believable as you possibly can.

8. Give Your Website Personality.
Incorporate a more humane aspect to your website to build a more trusted persona. This will raise your credibility and the number of purchases as well.

9. Study Your Competition.
Invest time into researching those who are doing a lot better than you are. Take notes and come up with ideas after looking at your competitors to help you achieve a more successful conversion rate.

10. Study Successful Sales People.
Gain insight from thriving salespeople in your industry by contacting and talking to them. They will give you more information about your customer and how they make their decisions.

11. Use a Scarcity Tactic to Bring Urgent Responses.
Look out for any legitimate and believable scarcity tactics that can push people to buy your product. Some popular methods are claiming that items are limited in stock or only available for a short amount of time.

12. Gain Social Credibility.
Give your visitors social proof, such as testimonials and social media feeds to make potential customers feel more comfortable purchasing from you.

13. Look for an Authority Figure.
Find an authority figure that uses the product you sell and ask for a testimonial. This will bring more credibility and legitimacy to your offer and make you easier to trust.

14. Find Ways to Prevent Distractions and Friction.
Clearly state your main purpose on the webpage to prevent confusion. Also, check to make sure that your checkout process is free of clutter and provides an easy transition.

15. Reduce Customer Risk
Bring a sense of ease to your customer by strategically placing a guarantee policy or seal on your page. The customer will appreciate your thoughtfulness as the risk of purchase is removed from their shoulders.

Gaining information from relevant sources and making the above changes to your website and will result in an increase of your conversion rate. Overall, they will work together to improve your trustworthiness, appeal, and visitor experience.

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