How to Improve Google Adwords Quality Score
An explanation of how Google quality scores are calculated and how it impacts your landing page.

How to Improve Google Adwords Quality Score

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How to Raise Your Google Quality Score

Your Google Quality score is a calculated estimation of the relevancy of your landing page, keywords, and ads, to your content audience. Having a high quality score can bring you a higher level of SEO and will give your website more traffic as well. Here are some basic facts about the Google Quality Score and ways you can improve yours:

The Basics of the Google Quality Score

Your Google Quality Score has a high impact on how successful your website will be. Some factors that your score can influence are:

  • The amount you need to pay for a first page bid.
  • Your page position on search results.
  • If your ad is placed on the shaded region of the search results page.
  • If you site links show up on the page.
  • Whether Dynamic Keyword Insertion will help the right people find you.
  • Whether or not your website shows up on niche network sites.

  • Level of Quality

    High Quality Scores range from around 7-10 and low quality scores are valued from 1-5.

    Top 10 Factors of Your Quality Score
    1. Click-Through Rate (CTR)
    2. Comparative CTR
    3. Landing Page Quality
    4. Keyword/Search Relevance
    5. Ad/Site Success
    6. Display URLs Past CTR
    7. Account History
    8. Keyword/Ad Relevance
    9. Geographic Performance
    10. Targeted Devices

    Choose Relevant Keywords

    Finding the right keywords to place in your pieces of content can effectively bring in more of your targeted audience to your site. Look for 2-3 word phrases that are relevant to your business, advertisement, and landing page and place them together with specific themes that are cohesive with your products and services in your advertisements.

    Lock Your Target Audience

    Research what demographic is more likely to purchase from you, and tailor your message to bring their attention. Creating better advertisements will bring more click-through rates that will raise your quality score and save you money.

    How to Improve Your Landing Page Experience

    Your landing page is one of the factors that affect your score, so create one that is relevant to your ad text and keywords, and offer unique and useful content on your page as well. Your business information needs to be transparent, open, and directly state what you do, so give regular updates and make your contact information easily accessible. Your landing page should be optimized to bring in more sales, so create a quick and easy method of transaction for purchasing products/services. To prevent hesitation or doubt, place reviews from real customers who have purchased and used your product and service.

    Improving your Google Quality Score can ultimately help you bring more business as more and more potential customers visit your website and find you. Use the above tips to help your company website reach a higher level of quality and build up its search results rank as well.

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