How to Use Twitter for Beginners
A list of 17 tips for how to use Twitter for beginnners with examples and templates.

How to Use Twitter for Beginners

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Twitter Beginners Guide: How to Use Twitter for Beginners

Getting started on Twitter is fairly straight forward as the registration takes you through the main pointers, and any other aspects are quickly assimilated through use of the site.  This article will deal with how to start a business orientated Twitter profile.

Create both a business account and a private account, so that you can raise the quality of your business tweets.  Another advantage is that if you're just starting out, then you can experiment more with your private account, without attracting any negative attention to your business account.

Follow the leaders in your industry.  Take some time every day to stay up to date with the latest buzz in your industry.  Take the time to follow links that are relevant and informative.  Don’t be afraid to ask others to follow you on.  Add "Follow me on Twitter" to your emails, websites, blogs and any other communication channels.

Read and research carefully first (and for a while) before you join the conversation.  You must first find out what valuable contributions you can make.  Then you are able to offer information that is helpful and give a genuine added value.  There is nothing worse than adding an idea that has already been discussed.

Use your existing business contacts.  You can find them from your other social media and through email accounts and business cards, etc.  Locate them on Twitter and follow them.  Find ways of having them follow you.  They can be anybody from suppliers to colleagues.  You should probably follow your competitors too, to see what they are Tweeting.  Join the conversations between others and get involved.

Always correct the balance, meaning, you should not follow a lot more people than the number following you.  Otherwise you risk being classified as spammer.  Follow people who follow your content and re-tweet your content.  Build relationships with people who appreciate what you do.  They may become willing ambassadors for your company, brand or product.  Focus on a niche by offering content that your followers consider to be valuable.

It is interesting and informative to follow people from different market sectors/areas and industries.  You will be surprised at how often their news links to yours in some way.  For example lead prices falling has an effect on silver jewelry prices.  Advances in military technology always results in some form of advance for a wide variety of technology sectors, especially medical.  Did you know that the first radio waves were tested to see if they could be used as invisible weapons?

Find other companies that are similar to yours or companies that offer something that your potential customers are interested in.  You can use it to find ways of appealing to a newer/fresher customer base.

Everyone wants to talk about their business, and this is an important aspect of Twitter, but do not limit yourself to your own industry or area.  It is a little like real life networking, in that you ask about subjects other than those of business prowess and credentials or plans and strategies.  The beauty of Twitter is to meet new people and potentially, have them become customers of your business, or ambassadors for your business.

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