How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing
The 12 best ways to use Linkedin for marketing with examples.

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

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How to Use LinkedIN for Marketing a Business

Make your profile a business showcase! It is your “advert” that you can cram full of whatever you wish. Study pages of other company profiles. You will notice that their company profile information proves decisive in judging their credibility. Read other peoples profiles and judge them. How often do you come away feeling negative about the company? More often than you care to mention isn’t it? Some profiles are barely visited because few people know of their existence. Oddly enough, the more they are used and the longer they exist, then the closer they get to the top of search engine results pages, which then attracts more people.

Add more customers and employees individual profile contacts to your LinkedIn profile. You want your employees to be your ambassadors on LinkedIN. The first thing you should do is, integrate the role they provide, into their profiles. Force your employee’s hands if you must and have them set up accounts on their company email address. Most people are delighted to add more information and profile contacts to their LinkedIn profiles. Now that you have created your company profile and added all your employees profile contacts (or at least those who want to be ambassadors for your company), you must create an attractive profile yourself. Doing so means you have taken the first step towards better LinkedIN marketing, this is the passive phase. You can now move on to the next step and persuade your staff to become active.

If you want to disseminate information to as many people as possible, then create a new blog post filled with tips, or create a new status update and then ask (some of) your employees to publish a copy on their profile and on Twitter. Publish the information yourself on some occasions, but have your staff link to it and comment on it.

From a professional standpoint, some people have more interest in owning an attractive LinkedIN profile than others. It is simply expected in some professions, especially ones where a person will need to trust that business. So, for example would you use a plastic surgeon that uses foul language in his profile? Would you buy a safety hat designed by a woman who cannot spell stomach correctly?

People do make contact through LinkedIN, in order to buy services and products, or to hire somebody. The best way to market yourself or your company is to include every scrap of information available, on your profile, as professionally and concise as possible. Put genuine time and hard work into your profile and your updates, and then have a look at other people’s profiles. Do the ones that put-you-off remind you of your profile? Are they boastful or insincere?

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