How to Restore Your Website Reputation
An informative guide on how to restore your website reputation.

How to Restore Your Website Reputation

Reputation Management

The principal behind restoring your website’s reputation will be to either remove negative “press” or to rebuild your past presence.

Either you spent your time building a reputation which is now damaged or failing, or you have “no” reputation, but are receiving bad press.  So I will deal with both. 

You have built a reputation that has been damaged or is failing.

To better explain my point, I will use the feedback system with eBay.  For those of you who are not aware of it, the feedback system on eBay allows a buyer to rate the seller on delivery time, cost, item description and communication, and then put a comment about the service.  A person may be rated positive, neutral or negative.

Now let’s say that a person has 100% positive feedbacks, with a few “nitpicks” such as having three out of five stars for delivery upon occasion, but otherwise things look pretty good.

That seller has spent a lot of time making sure that his/her items were delivered promptly, were in good condition and that he/she communicated the items description and any other particulars clearly and honestly.  This person has a 100% positive feedback (as per the eBay site) and has many sales.  He/she is also getting more sales because the seller seems to be trusted.

Then that person gets a nasty virus and goes into hospital for a month.  Sales go undelivered, messages go unanswered and standards/adverts slip.  That person comes out of hospital and has received negative feedbacks all round and their perfect score is ruined.

In that case and any online case, if your reputation is damaged or failing, all you need to do, is to do the exact same thing that got you the “good” reputation in the first place.  Imagine that you are starting afresh, and do all the legwork and use all your planning and expertise to do what you did last time…..again.  Eventually over time, your slip in reputation will be forgotten and you will be back on top again.  Even with eBay, your negative feedbacks go uncounted after 12 months.  A similar process happens naturally with your websites reputation.

Your website has no real online reputation, but you are receiving bad press.

This case is simple.  Firstly you need to stop whatever is causing the bad press from happening.  If you have a customer service issue, then solve it.  If you have a product fault then fix it, if you are being rude to customers, then stop.

Once you have solved the problem that is causing the complaints and bad reputation, then you can begin to fix it.  The easiest way to do this is to go the extra mile with your customers.  Don’t just serve them, but thrill them.  Give them more than their money’s worth and get them excited about your company.  Eventually, your negative comments and bad reputation will be replaced by good feedback and comments, such as fair prices, honest dealing and kind/swift customer service.  If you are out there looking for a quick fix, then you are going to keep making the same mistakes over and over again, and your problems will only get worse.

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