How to Remove Search Results from Google
This guide shows you how to remove search results from Google that are negatively impacting your company.

How to Remove Search Results from Google

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If for example you have posted something online that has private information on, and it has been indexed by Google, then there may be situations where you are unable to remove it.  In this case the Google search engine has a back-up which allows you to remove it from the index a little quicker.  As far as I understand it, this only works with Google related sites, but I am not sure.

If you are looking to remove an entire page, then you need a Google account, with which to log onto your “webmaster-tools-home-page”.  You then need to select the site you require and on your dashboard you need click on the optimization link on the left hand side menu.  You must then click to remove the URL of the page that you wish to remove.  Then click the new removal request link.  You will then need to copy/paste or type in the URL of the page that you wish to have removed from the internet and the Google index.  Do not type in the search engines URL or the cached page URL.  Also, do not forget that the typing is case sensitive (I don’t know why).  Once your URL is typed in then, click to continue.  You will then need to click “yes” to remove the page.  You will then have to click the link to submit your request.

If it is simply that there is a piece on the search results that is negative and you want it removed, then that will be difficult if not impossible.  You will have to out-SEO the negative piece.  You will have to work out which words typed into Google make it appear.  This is done by trying out words and related words and seeing when it appear in the search engine results.  These are the keywords, and they will need to be added into the pages that have a more positive slant to them.  This can be done by adding them into the text of the page, or on the meta-tags, or making links with those words at the beginning in the link.  Don’t have your links saying simply, “click here”.  People know that they are supposed to click on links, so name them the keywords that you are aiming for and they will become more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly and will help your pages appear before the negative pages.

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