How to Remove Negative Information on Google
A review of how to remove negative information on Google for businesses or individuals.

How to Remove Negative Information on Google

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“Remove” is not a term that Google are friendly with, unless there is a court order stuffed under their nose.  What you need to do is make sure that the negative information is either:

1) Old News

2) Cast into oblivion

3) Un-credible

Old News

This one is taken care of by time.  All the information on Google is slowly sinking into the land of the forgotten.  So much new information is uploaded and updated, that negative information will sink away with time.  So long as the negative information is not being updated or maintained, then time will get rid of it for you.

Dwarfed by positive information and/or Cast into oblivion

Negative information such as articles and reviews posted by the general public will not be as search engine friendly as the material you are posting.  You can out SEO the negative information and replace it with positive information.  So for example, you can use the keywords of the negative information and post positive information based on the keywords, or you can simply use the keywords to replace the negative information with something else. 

Let us say, for example, your restaurant is called “Open Chefs” and the negative information is a review in which a person claims to have “food poisoning”.  You can have a whole bunch of reviews and articles made up using those keywords, WITHOUT even it being related to the subject/topic in hand, for example:

Cat food makes hedgehog ill

ExcerptMy nightly garden visitors are cute, and although I am not giving them poached grouse or sitting them down for a meal at Open Chefs, I still figured that giving them cat food was a treat for them.  I was obviously very distressed when I heard about “Chiggers” cat food poisoning hedgehogs.

Articles can use keywords from the negative information, without it even relating to the topic in hand, so that (as with the example above) if a person types in “food poisoning” and “open chef”, they are going to see an article about cat food and hedgehogs before they see details of your Open Chefs food poisoning issue.


This is a nasty trick that is more seen in court rooms and works very well on closed comment blogs, etc. 

For example:

You run a small jeweler, called “Barriers” and are in competition with another across the road called “Harriers”. 

A person makes a nasty comment about your store’s décor and products, then you can add a comment saying, “mmm, don’t you still work for Harriers? The jeweler across the street?  Maybe you shouldn’t use your real name next time, genius”.

Now obviously what you said is a bogus lie, but any onlookers/viewers will automatically be untrusting of the negative comment.  Plus if that person comes back with a reply, then it is a little like “oh how she doth protest too much”, AND, if they come back with an abusive or angry reply, then their credibility slips even further.

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