How to Remove Complaints about a Business
This article discusses the best ways on how to remove complaints about a business.

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Professional companies set up complaint departments because they are an asset to their company.  Not only do they convert lost sales and help bring back old/ex-regular customers, but they highlight where you need improvements.  Some companies, not mentioning any names (BT maybe, Lloyds bank maybe) will use their complaints department to assess whether their new cost cutting measures will pay off.  Basically if the cost of losing the customer is more than the savings proposed, then they will not implement them (very Fight Club isn’t it).

Don’t remove complaints.  It will mean going to an online Internet reputation management company and paying them money, to try to get the review taken down from a website, using a rough hash of the law.  Plus if I were the CEO of that online reputation company, I would drum up business by having my staff post negative reviews online about a random selection of companies.  I mean I am not claiming to have noticed that some complaint timelines seem to follow in alphabetical order, like how on May the 3rd, there were complaints posted about Barry’s Bakery, Bon Bon Market, Blertie’s Bangers and Caros Crackers. 

I mean I am not saying that they do that, but it’s a bit of a coincidence how online complaint consumer posting boards have become increasingly used, at the same rate that online reputation management companies have grown in popularity.  Though, if it is true that they are manipulating the Internet in such ways, then this article won’t be on the Internet for very long (welcome to catch 22, Mr. online reputation manager).  Also, I find it a very non-coincidence, that of all the companies with poor reviews online, there are no complaints about online reputation management companies.  It’s almost as if they are purging the web of negative comments and reviews.  I wonder if this one will slip the net (because we are on the Inter-net, oohh how I tickle myself.)

If you don’t fancy having an online company remove your negative review, then you should address it, both online and offline.  Respond to the complaint and try to find out who posted it.  Try to resolve the problem and see if they will remove the negative review on their own, or amend it to say that you stepped up, took the blame and compensated them………..Quick note though:


FIRSTLY:  This country (the greatest one in the world btw) has anti-harassment laws to stop that sort of thing, and Judges LOVE to be the one that fined a threatening company.

SECONDLY: They will get their friends on Facebook, Twitter and Gimp-hunter-hunnies to post a negative review online about you too, and before long you will be flooded.

THIRDLY: I personally have written sooo many articles on how to get online revenge, and if the person you threaten has read them, then expect things like them hiring third world workers online to post 500 negative comments/ posts/ blogs/ Amazon reviews/ articles, all about how awful you are.  They may even grab an email address that is spelt a little similar to yours, and email all of your clients and potential customers telling them that you fondle goats.  I am just warning you that is all.

Worst case scenario, is that you can’t get the posting person to remove the negative comment or review from where ever they posted it.  In that case, post a reply to it online and explain your side of the story.  More importantly, explain how you are fixing it so that this thing will never happen again.  You don’t HAVE to follow through on everything you say you will, but it will look better on yourself online, at least until the dust settles anyway.

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