How to Import Blog to Tumblr Tutorial
A step-by-step guide on how to import a blog to Tumblr tutorial.

How to Import Blog to Tumblr

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How to Import Blog to Tumblr Tutorial

On average, each post is re-blogged nine times, so consider content first and be hasty later.

Sign up Tumblr keeping in mind two things:

1.      The name you give to your blog will be your account name

2.      You cannot invite other authors to your blog.  You may do it on blogs that you create/add later.

Now you are ready to write a blog.  In the dashboard you have seven tools:

1.      Text with a picture

2.      Photos + two lines of description

3.      Video + two lines of description

4.      Audio + two lines of description

5.      Links to whatever you found on the web with an explanation below on what it is and why

6.      Citation of a text you read

7.      Chat - to bring a conversation in.

Before you start your blog, you might want to customize it.

Click on its name, next to the dashboard of your blog, in the sidebar and then choose the “customize theme”.  You can choose a theme from what you see there.  Tumblr has a guide to create your own theme from scratch if that takes your fancy.

Click on the name of your blog on your dashboard and then go to the blog settings.  Here you can link your Twitter account if you wish.  The settings of the blog also contain the function to point to your domain.  Follow (click the "+" on the Tumblelog).  In the spotlight is promoted by Tumblr blogs and explores the most used tags.  The posts of people you follow then end up in the feed of your dashboard.  Paying a little money you will be able to highlight your post so that it is more visible in the dashboard of your followers.

To post quickly, install the bookmarklet in your browser and download the 'app for smartphones.  When you find something you want to post online, remember that selecting the text with the mouse will have already provided it in the citation format.  When you create a post through the bookmarklet, you can always change the type of posts and add tags and default url of the post, in the advanced settings.

Importing a blog from one place to Tumblr can be done in various ways.  You can cut it up and copy/paste it into your current blog, or you can use one of the many blog export tools.  There are quite a few out there like:

http://www.import2.com/tumblr and


Though I cannot vouch for them myself, I know there is enough choice out there so that a little research will aid you in finding your ideal one.

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