How to Get More Twitter Followers for Free
Getting more Twitter followers for free to promote your page.

How to Get Twitter Followers for Free

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How to Get More Twitter Followers for Free

Here are some tricks that can help you increase the number of followers:

If Twitter users do not know who you are and why you are on Twitter, ask yourself the questions:

            Why would I want that Twitter user to follow me? 

            Are my tweets of interest to them? 

Have a clear and transparent objective that will give more meaning to your presence on Twitter.  This will target your future followers who themselves will target you.  These questions do not apply to marks. Everyone knows why CNN, CNET and Dell are on Twitter.  Twitter offers an insert called Bio (biography), this is where you present your business, your goal, the reason for your presence on Twitter.  The inset Bio is limited to 160 characters.  You can also go on a background.  After making your background you can test it on different browsers.

Create a small banner or Twitter badge and place it on the homepage of your blog.  Make sure it is visible, rather than just placed at the top of your page.  If you have an account on Facebook or another social network, be sure to highlight the URL or a badge for your Twitter account.  The more new friends you have, the better your chances of getting followers.

Include a link to your Twitter profile in your email addresses, signatures, forums, press releases, business cards, etc.  Talk about Twitter to your blog, create multiple tickets and do not forget to include the URL for your Twitter account. 

Even if you are not using Twitter for a marketing purpose, then still do not forget to sell yourself.  It is all fair and good giving advice on spots but you must appeal to a person’s trust before they will listen to you.  You can do this by showing credibility, appealing to their logic, appealing to them emotionally and appealing to their believability.  Really quickly, here is how you do all four for a Tweet on spot reduction:

Credibility: Years worked in skin care? Qualifications in Dermatology?

Logic:  Dirt clogs pores, so rubbing with a towel before washing pushes dirt further in.

Emotionally:  I suffered with spots for years before finding a cure.

Believability: I had a face full of spots and had to use creams, soaps and a new hygiene routine over 12 months before seeing a genuine difference.

Consider your Twitter profile with the same thought you give to your website or blog.  The more you tweet the more you will have new followers, as long as your tweets offer useful content for your visitors (your target).

The other way to expand your Twitter network is to track users who share the same interests as you.  They are part of your network? Urge them to comment and retweet your tweets.  If you are marketing via your Tweets then do this in a rather more subtle way such as by offering promotions, coupons, gifts, news.

Answer the updates (tweets) of the users you follow, and participate actively in conversations.  Place hash tags in your tweets, other users could join your discussion.   Tweet Rush Hour, there are more people to participate in conversations and gain additional followers.  Ask questions, request an offer.  They will not answer you all the time, but if your tweet is interesting users may re-tweet (RT) you. 

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