Deleting a Tumblr Blog: How to Delete a Tumblr Blog
Learning how to delete a Tumblr blog.

How to Delete a Tumblr Blog

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Deleting a Tumblr Blog:  How to Delete a Tumblr Blog

How to close down your account

Go to the delete accounts page and think hard before you delete, because not only your primary blog is going to be deleted, but also any additional blogs will be too.  On the other hand your blog Url and email address may now be used on a brand new account/blog.

How to delete your primary blog

Go to your delete accounts page and again think about the fact that you cannot switch primary blogs.  For this reason, when you delete your primary blog you also close down your account.  You can’t re-assign your primary blog onto another, so basically it is lost.

Copy to keep

If you are going to delete your account or primary blog, then why not copy as much of it as possible and save it offline.  That way if you open up your account or want to place your posts somewhere else then you will be able to.

Delete your additional blog

First you will need to click on your additional blog’s name, then click on the “members” link on the right of your screen.  You can then click on “leave this blog” to delete it.

Perhaps you think that the corporate blog is gone, replaced by rising social networks.  Yet a few examples of corporate blogs are fresh, functional and inspiring.  Tumblr can be a tool in your corporate blogging movement.

But, though many have preferred to focus everything on Facebook or Twitter, it still makes sense to have a corporate Tumblr blog.  Let’s say it continues to be a useful strategy under three conditions:

1.      Have something to tell:  the sense of a Tumblr blog is not dependent on sectors of activity, but rather the stories.  We have seen examples of creative businesses using Tumblr to provide useful insights and curious ideas, whatever their field of expertise.  If your company can and will say something, then Tumblr is a blog for you.

2.      Have time and energy to do it:  management of a blog is not difficult but clearly you will need time to write and reply to the blog/project.  Try to assess whether there's interest in your company and the appropriate resources are available, and then propose it.

3.      Seek dialogue with the community:  the trick to getting the best from social networks is to use each to appeal to its target audience and have a marketing plan for each.

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