How to Choose Cool Tumblr Blog Names
Deciding how to choose a cool Tumblr blog name.

How to Choose Cool Tumblr Blog Names

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How to Choose Cool Tumblr Blog Names

What is the difference between Facebook and Tumblr? As both are social networks: With Facebook, people see what you like. With Tumblr, people see through your eyes.

Tip ~

Steer clear of Facebook-esk posts.  Try to keep it more about what you see as fun, interesting, artistic, etc.  Stick to stuff that you would have tapped someone on the shoulder and said, “Look at this”, if they were in the room.  On that note, name your blog so that I could guess what is in it by its name, and keep it related to what you are actually showing them.  DON’T try to be clever and call your blog, “Open Midnight”.

Tumblr now pulls more than 16 billion page views per month, with a large portion being attributed to the lookie-loos who see a piece that catches their attention.  This is the lifeblood of YouTube, where you may log on to see the latest “Onion“ comedy news reel and then when it finishes you also end up watching:

Ÿ  “Did George Bush Jr Say That“

Ÿ  “Cockerel Breaks Up Bunny Fight“

Ÿ  “Budgie Whistles Final Fantasy End of 7 Battle Tune”

Ÿ  “World’s greatest poker move”

Tip ~

You know that 99% of the time on YouTube it is the title that makes you click on it.  Use the same principal on Tumblr as on YouTube, though feel free to leave a question mark.  Such as, “How to lose at fighting fat” or “Kids jump the bins on their skateboards and hit……something”.

There is a great argument raging at the moment as to what is search engine worthy.  For example, the stuff you type on a Facebook wall is supposed to be un-indexed in Google, and yet if you “like” an item/something with Facebook on a website, then that “Like” is supposed to positively affect the SEO (website optimization), so that it will rank a little higher on the Google search results.  So, the argument rages that what else on Facebook is indexed or affects scores?  Tumblr is believed to be indexed by Google, due chiefly to the fact that it is (in essence), just another web page on a larger web site.

Tip ~

At the time of writing, the Tumblr page http://factsnfigures.tumblr.com/ is on top of the search results if you type in “Tumblr facts and figures”.  This very fun page ranks higher than the more professional pages (there are lots on the subject of Tumblr facts and figures).  The author spent just under a month finding fun facts and adding a few of his own and called it, “Facts and Figures is going to teach you a lesson. Also, there are boobs”.  The title is fun and appeals to a wide audience, and the content is simple and inoffensive.  So the tip is, that you can achieve a very good page ranking on Google if you are creative, and when you do, give it a long name with a dash of creativity added in.  He could have just called it “facts and figures”, but that would not have been as creative, fun and would have not helped him rank any higher on the search engine results.

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