How to Check Your Website Reputation on Google
A wonderful infographic and article on how to check your website reputation on Google and how to fix it.

How to Check Your Website Reputation on Google

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This one is simple.  Google yourself.

Basically you should Google your business name, business address and keywords on Google.  You need to see every scrap of information that your potential customers are seeing.

If you are selling semi permeable membrane to science labs, then it does not matter what they are saying about you on the chicken fancier’s website.  If you have an online strategy, then one can only assume that you are targeting a certain group of people.  That means that your online reputation or Google reputation only extends to that target area.  So what THEY see is your reputation, and not what everyone else sees.

For example, a company may produce a website that has a Flash intro.  These are pretty much condemned as sacrilegious by most website designers and programmers, even despite the fact that in 2005 they were the bees knees.  In this hypothetical situation your website may be talked down about, slated, dissed, ripped on, etc, by every programmer in the business, but if your website is selling Uncle Chucks Burgers, then it will not matter.  At the very worst, you will lose custom from burger eating website programmers, but since your website does not affect the quality and taste of your sumptuous burgers, then it will make little difference.

On that note:

Your web strategy should be to target a certain group of consumers.  You should have analyzed your market and your website should have picked keywords, based on what your target consumer (customer base, etc) would be searching for.  For example, if you are selling silicone implants, then I am hoping your website keywords do not include feminist and chili fries.

If you Google every keyword that is in your website, then you will be able to see what your customers are seeing.  If you are getting Google results that include poor reviews and negative comments about your website then they need to be addressed.  If you are seeing your website come up, then your SEO efforts are working.  If you are seeing positive reviews of your website and adverts for your website coming up, then you have a positive/good reputation on Google.

The worst case scenario would be if you have no presence at all.  If you are

Googling your keywords and are not appearing on the 1st page of the Google search results, then you are in trouble.  At least if there is a negative mention/comment about you, then you have an internet presence and people are aware of you.

If it does turn out that you have negative comments come up about you online, then reply to them (if you can) and use them as jumping off points for selling to your customer base and gaining positive publicity. 

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