How to Buy Twitter Followers to Get More Twitter Followers
How to get more Twitter followers and how to buy more Twitter followers for your page.

How to Buy Twitter Followers

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How to Buy Twitter Followers to Get More Twitter Followers

There are companies out there that will sell you followers on Twitter.  It is commonly known and even politicians have been accused of using them, in order to make it appear that they have more people reading their blogs than there actually is.

The companies offer their service to any person or company interested in buying Twitter followers.  They offer up to 10,000 followers in a very short space of time.

The offer often comes in the form of packs.  Things such as 1000 followers for x amount, 5000 followers for x amount and 10,000 followers for x amount.  The prices are often quite appealing for what is a lot of followers, but one must remember that you are giving money for nothing you will ever be able to touch, re-use, sell on or learn from, so in this case it is  very wise to either, not use the service, or shop around a lot if you do.  You really need to make sure you are paying as little as possible for what will turn out to be (relatively) nothing tangible.

Quite often the first set of followers will start following you within five days.  The system is extremely simple, you choose a package, you pay (all payment systems are available), and you give your twitter username and that’s it.  As the rules stand, on Twitter, they will suspend your account if you receive too many followers all of a sudden, especially if your blogs are not getting enough traffic to warrant the following.  This is why the results are stretched over time and not instantaneous.

Before payment, one would expect a minimum of interaction with a commercial service, or to detail the profile to the followers of interest, but there is nothing like that.  For those who doubt the legality of the service, it does appear to be legal and allowed.  All it really does is inflate what could be perceived as your influence.  Clearly, the fact that Twitter will suspend accounts with spammed follower’s shows that they do not condone it, but other than that, they have (apparently) taken no further action on the subject.

Obviously I am not going to advertise one company over another, especially when I personally feel that it is throwing your money away. But suffice it to say, that if you pop it into Google, you will see a lot of their adverts popping up for you to shop around and find the best price with.

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