10 Characteristics of a High Performing Team
A look at the ten core characteristics to having an innovative and productive team.

10 Characteristics of a High Performing Team

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Ten Characteristics to Structuring an Innovative Team

Do you have what it takes to structure an innovated team together? Here is an outline of the top ten fundamentals to follow that help you get the job done.

1. Attack
Starting with the ability to implement, leaders are able to tackle obstacles and barriers at all levels. Decrease your failure rate by ensuring this characteristic is present.

2. Position
Is there an individual with the integrity and creative personality to get the job done? Place them at the edge of your organization and closest to the customer. The biggest leading firms are promoting innovation and creative leadership qualities.

3. Delegate
Being able to delegate in such a manner to allow flexibility and room for the team to operate within will help to foster experimentation. This may result in small failure, but keep in mind that management controls the overall vision and culture. Allow room for others to grow in.

4. Inspire
Leaders help to bring creative thinking to the table and close the overall gap of training and culture.

5. Plan
Have a business model to operate within. This will help to place guidelines and lessen deviations from the company’s core path.

6. Identify
Interact and observe customers behaviors. This technique of “customer immersion” will help to identify common traits.

7. Expand
Offer diversity throughout the supply chain. Ideas can come from anywhere within the management hierarchy.

8. Differentiate
In order for a proposition to stand out, consider a strategic positioning statement that looks at the target audience, reasoning, and brand character for the ideas.

9. Compel
The best way to compel is to communicate visually and with use of stores. Bring together your social networks.

10. Track
Tracking becomes a part of your systematic method of measuring feedback. Following any good plan is the ability to look at ways to continually improve it.

By implementing these characteristics within a team, you will soon discover how quickly progress is made and how ideas will continue to flow. Promoting creativity and innovation in the workplace will allow each individual to have room to grow and make the most of their strengths.

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