Google Plus Marketing Strategy
A list of 64 ways to use Google plus to market yourself and your business.

Google Plus Marketing Strategy

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How To Use Google Plus for Business Marketing

Here are a few tips for designing content for Google + that will gain you a little bit of positive attention. A large part of the content strategies that are successful on Facebook will transfer over very well to Google+. However, this article will deal with the aspects that I feel are better geared for Google+ than Facebook.

Create a brand experience and make Google+ a second home for your business. When you think of brand experience, do not limit it to your products. Think in the terms of Cadburys and Mickey Mouse. Cadburys made a chocolate bar, then hot drinks, then dairy products and now they have a Cadburys world. Mickey Mouse was in cartoons, then toys, then clothes and now takes pride of place in a Disney World.

Be visual and design an attractive site with good quality graphics and images. If you cannot create or afford good quality then just KEEP IT SIMPLE. Think of how simple the Amazon site is. Cheap and poorly organized graphics will destroy your credibility.

Offer exclusive content that cannot be found elsewhere. Ask yourself, what is so “special” about a special offer, if everybody can take advantage of it? Offer special promotions for followers of the company page. Find ways of sending (to them only) a promotional code. If people want the offers too, then they should have to go through Google+. You should try this with your other social media. If you feel that only offering stuff to one set of followers on one social media platform is not fair, then do it for all of them, but make sure you do it at the same time, and make sure it is restricted to your followers, friends, contacts, etc. Do not just publish a promotional code for the entire world to see, otherwise, the special offer is not special. Do not forget you are supposed to be rewarding people for continually following you on Google+.

Have you ever seen the HMV website? They have so many offers and opportunities to collect points, along with visuals and graphics. It is not too cluttered and not too imposing. It is teaming with a HMV feel. This is a brand-saturated website that has done it right. This type of scheme may not work so well on other social media, but it will work well with Google+ if you pull it off correctly.

Being on Google+ will increase your page ranking, so link it with your website (do not spam it). Google is not dumb, and they know that having people use Google+ to create better page ranking is a clever little incentive to join. Joining Google+ will also create increased deliverability and personalized communication in e-mail marketing when using G-mail.

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