How to Use and Set Up a Google Plus Business Page
An outline on using Google Plus to create a business page and market your site.

How to Use and Set Up a Google Plus Business Page

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The Benefits of Google+ for Business

Google+, a recent release by Google, is now the new Facebook, but many are not using it to its full potential. Here are some reasons why you should choose Google+ as a social platform for your business or organization and how you can use it to your advantage.

Why Google+ is the Best Choice for Business

Google currently has over 90 million users and is indexed by itself, making it a huge tool for businesses. Google+ allows customers to find your business faster and more easily to increase your visibility on the web.

In addition, Google offers a better experience than most social media sites because it is designed to make sharing, posting, and commenting easier. It also allows you to share different types of media, including video, text, and photos.

Growth and Usage
Thanks to careful planning and execution, Google+ has been growing exponentially. Nearly 60% of Google+ users log in every day and 80% use it on a weekly basis.

Content Sharing

Share Information
Social networks are created to help people connect and share. Use this to your advantage for your business and create interesting content that will easily spread across networks. The best kind of content is the kind that benefits readers and builds your brand as well.

Create Your Own “Magazine”
With Google+ you are curating information in the same way a magazine does, so make sure to give original information and share the other the ideas of other people as well. Keep in mind, though, that the content you share is being endorsed by your brand, so make sure that it represents what your business/organization stands for.

Do what you can to show your audience that you are actively working on the site and that you care about them. Comment regularly and respond to what your users have to say. In addition, make sure to +1 the posts and comments that you find worthy.

Segment Your Time to Raise Your Productivity
  • 15 minutes – Find information on the internet that will entertain your circles.
  • 15 minutes – Engage in a conversation on your posts.
  • 10 minutes – Comment on posts written by others.
  • 10 minutes – Comment on your posts.
  • 5 minutes – Share a new post.

  • Online Business Networking

    Tell the story behind your brand to your circles. As your audience learns more about you, they will become more likely to purchase your product or service. Two ways you can do this are by sending out press releases or having video hangouts.

    Customer Service
    Keep your customers happy by giving quick responses to their questions or complaints. Create videos or place images on your site that will allow your users to quickly find solutions to common issues.

    Create a Sharing Community
    Create a forum that will be used as a platform for your fans to share their experiences, talk about their opinions, and offer suggestions. In addition incorporate variety to your website by sharing different types of media including eBooks, videos, reports, and photos.


    Google+ is a great way to raise your SEO level. Each +1 will rank your posts higher on search results and your Google+ sites will be indexed more quickly than others. It helps for your business to have a Google+ page because search results are directly affected by your friends and your social connections are more powerful than links.

    Top 5 Tips for Google+ Success

    1. Obtain a Relevant Audience.
    Know your audience’s location, preferred topic, and level of status. After gathering this data you can tailor your content to meet their needs.

    2. A Quality Audience.
    Work to attract an audience that will enrich your networking experience and bring value to the conversation.

    3. Be Choosy.
    Keep your standards and do not accept just anybody. Find out your criteria for choosing what circles you want to be a part of and stick to it.

    4. Find a Common Goal.
    Create a shared goal that will engage your audience and keep them interested.

    5. Stay Consistent.
    Create a presence both online and offline that is the same. Keep the same image and message that your customers will know to expect from your brand.

    Google+ brings a lot to the table for businesses. Consider using it for your organization if you are determined to use social media, because the benefits will not only create an audience, but will give you a higher SEO rate as well.

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