7 Google Adwords Mistakes to Avoid
A listing of ways to improve your adwords campaign and avoid common mistakes.

7 Google Adwords Mistakes to Avoid

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7 Most Popular Adword Mistakes Made

A look at the ways to improve your adwords campaign by avoiding these seven common mistakes.

1. Greed
Don’t be cheap with your budget. Allowing more costs to be devoted to certain keywords can inadvertently place you in a better position. As a result, you gain a better quality score, CTR, and increasing clicks. Keep in mind that the CPC lowers when there is a good CTR and quality score. If greater than 8, you would actually be saving money in the long run.

2. Anger
Patience is required. Not all changes are delivered overnight. It takes time to see results. Learn from any failures or mistakes to ensure they are not repeated with future campaigns.

3. Laziness
In order to move towards success, continually monitoring your keyword performance is required. This will allow you to see how you are progressing towards your desired result. Keep in mind that external factors such as school days, holidays, and other important events can skew results from seeing your true potential of the campaign. Monitoring should be performed three times a week.

4. Gluttony
Do not clutter your advertising. Try not to use too many ads or keywords by groups, keeping in mind that 5-15 is normally enough. Be specific in your choices and use test ads to see which ones are the most effective. If you clutter your advertising with too many ads, it can become difficult to gauge results. Try to use no more than two ad groups with one or two open keywords per each group.

5. Envy
Envy never pays. Avoid attempting to link yourself with other brands or traffic to gain visitors. This can end up being a costly mistake as any ad with another brand can cost more than half a dollar to compete with while it only costs them a cent. Get creative when looking for clicks.

6. Pride
Keep on the offense by continually looking towards creating new ads, using new keywords, and stop performing any type of activity that does not show progress. Changes should be made at least once a week to stay on top.

7. Lust
Try not to become click happy. You do not want your ad to be placed in places that will not end in quality clicks. Therefore, do not leave the sole discretion up to Google for placement. Filter out pages, keywords, and categories.

By avoiding these seven common mistakes, you will not only save yourself time, but become better prepared for running your next adwords campaign. These tips will help you gain the most success and ensure a smooth process for yourself.

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