Customer Service Excellence: How to Give Great Client Service
Five things to avoid saying that impact your ability to provide great client service.

Customer Service Excellence: How to Give Great Client Service

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Top 5 Things Not to Do with Clients

In the business world, your word choice can make or break you. In fact, a simple mistake can end up costing you your business. Here are five errors that you should never commit when dealing with clients.

1. Butcher the Name of Your Client’s Company.
Before you meet up with your client, take the time to spell and pronounce their company’s name. Make sure to pay close attention to capitalization and intercaps as well to prevent embarrassment.

2. Quote a Price Range.
Prevent disappointment, frustration, and misunderstandings in the future by giving price numbers, and not ranges.

3. Apologize with “but.”
Clients see the phrase, “I am sorry, but,” as though you are not making an effort. Show that you are willing to come up with a solution by replacing “but” with the word “and.”

4. Fail to Do Your Research.
Prepare yourself in advance by researching about your clients and potential clients as well. This will flatter them as you have shown that you took the time to explore what they do and they will be happy to give you their business.

5. Say, “We will put our A-team on your project.”
This phrase places a division in the skill level of your company, making the client believe that the rest of your employees are not as talented. Instead, say that you have picked “specific team members” to tailor to their needs, and make your client feel special.

The relationship between a company and its clients is hard to develop and maintain, and can often be unsteady. Make sure to avoid the mentioned 5 points to prevent you and your company from future mishaps, which can result in wasted time and effort.

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