How to Get Referrals for Your Business
An explanation of the importance to providing quality customer service to gain referrals.

How to Get Referrals for Your Business

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Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience

A company that can give unforgettably great customer service is the kind that receives the most loyal repeat customers. Here are some statistics and facts you need to know before you design what kind of experience you would like to offer for your customers.

Experience and Loyalty

Offering a great customer experience will place a positive impact on your referrals, website traffic, conversion rates, average order value, revenue, and consumer lifetime value. A happy customer is 58% more likely to recommend your company to others and will be 73% more likely to consider purchasing from you again. The benefit of giving a personal experience to customers is that it makes them feel more confident and comfortable in making a purchase from you. This builds trust that will result in having repeat business, and the same type of experience can even be offered online as well.

Create an Offline Experience Online

Maintain the Experience. – Keep your audience interested and make sure to keep your messages consistent.

Know Your Customers. – Find out what brings your customers to your site. Then, use the gathered data and tailor it to become more relevant to your audience.

Let Your Visitors Find What They Need. – Use badges, search, and recommendations to convince your potential customers to purchase more items and make their experience more relevance.

Listen to Feedback. – Look at the data from your users and use A/B testing to find out what will bring you more business. Some ideas for testing are shipping offers, discounts, text, and social media.

Leave a Strong and Lasting Impression. – Create a positive experience that your users will never forget. Some ways you can do this are by having coupon codes automatically added to shopping carts, including guarantees, and optimizing your website to work for mobile and tablet devices.

5 Ways to Turn Yourself into a Customer Service Expert

  • Bring Potential Customers to Your Store with Links.
  • Gather Data about Your Customers and Learn about Their Interests.
  • Show Your Visitors What They Would Like to See.
  • Find the Most Effective Merchandising Techniques to Sell Similar Products.

  • Great customer service is always in demand, no matter what industry you are in. After reading the above tips you will have a better understanding on what steps you will need to take to make sure that your business offers the best customer service it can. Your efforts will result in great word-of-mouth advertising that will raise your brand awareness and level of revenue as well.

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