Free Twitter Monitoring Tools
Infographic with a complete list of free Twitter monitoring tools and recent statistics on social media monitoring.

Free Twitter Monitoring Tools

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Twitter Monitoring: How to Monitor Twitter for your Business

First of all you must understand that you cannot read every tweet.  You will see, that the more people you follow and who follow you, then the more difficult or impossible it will be to always stay up to date.  Luckily you do not have to.

As you progress through Twitter, let’s say this is your 50th time using it.  You should be spending (on the actual Twitter site) about 30 minutes daily at least.  Use any other time you have free for add-ons like TweetDeck for Twitter to quickly and easily post interesting articles you've read through your day, or to check references and direct messages. You can use TweetDeck to manage several accounts simultaneously.

Dedicate yourself to Twitter in the morning to answer questions or to participate in conversations.  Respond, then follow up and gauge reactions from to time, by checking your @ replies.  This is especially important if you are trying to create buzz marketing plans.

Decide from the start to create Twitter timeouts.  What happens very quickly is that you spend too much time on Twitter.  There are so many interesting things to read and so many interesting people to follow.  This swallows a lot of time very quickly.  Limit your Twitter time to 15 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes for lunch and 15 minutes at dinner.  Or, just give yourself an hour per day if you must, but you should really limit your time on Twitter if you are using time that could be better spend making money.

Use add-ons such Shareaholic for items that you find interesting so as to tweet directly.   This means that you do not need to go to your Twitter account, tweet and shorten the link. This will save a lot of time.

You can schedule your tweets in advance; you can do this with TweetLater.  So you do not have to sit at your computer to publish tweets.  This also prevents (as is so often the case) the appearance of more concentrated tweets, just because the user has the time.

Even 77th JournoTwit is a good tool to get your Twitter Time management in control. It divides incoming tweets into different categories. Also a mobile version is available.

You do not have to see and read every tweet.  If you want to know what was written during your "absence" to a specific topic, simply use the Twitter Search to search for certain terms or hashtags and topics.  All the relevant tweets will appear on your search term in chronological order.

Use BackTweets to see who has tweeted on your URL.  Often people give URLs without mentioning your name.  This allows you to find out who is talking about you, your business or your industry.  Look at these people and see if they are worth following and whether they may be following you or liable to follow you.

Find/search out (free) tools to safely determine that you do not miss anything, both for you and/or your business.  There are free tools out there that help you monitor Twitter for interesting and important facts/things/blogs/tweets etc. such as Tweetbeep, where you will receive an email on who has mentioned the keywords that are important with regards to your business.  You will also be informed about all @ @ replies and mentions. 

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