Film Industry Statistics, Trends and Analysis
This infographic report covers the film industry statistics. An analysis overview covers future trends, value, size, growth, sales revenue, market share, facts, outlook, and the size of the film industry.

Film Industry Statistics

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Film Industry Statistics from 2011

$16.0 billion of wages in California are from the motion picture and television industry
1.339 billions of tickets sold in 2010
$7.96 average cost of ticket in American theater
32% of movie tickets sold to ages 12 – 24 in North America
21% of movie tickets sold to ages 50 and over, in North America
1275% average markup of movie theater popcorn
80% chances viewers will purchase popcorn
72% of Americans that go to the theater at least once a year
2x more likely for ages 21 and over to go to the movies than bars or nightclubs once a month or more
Number of 3D film releases have increased from 8 to 25 from 2006 - 2010

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