Facebook Edgerank Algorithm
Easy breakdown of the Facebook edgerank algorithm and the status updates that perform the best within the edgerank formula.

Facebook Edgerank Algorithm

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How to Write Business Facebook Status Messages

For a start keep your posts short.  Keep things like status updates to around two sentences.  The shorter your posts then the easier your Facebook followers will find it to register and interact with what you have posted.  Facebook has a 420 character limit for status posting, so if you are having trouble keeping it to three sentences, then consider posting it elsewhere or in a different form on Facebook (maybe like a long comment on a recently uploaded video or picture).

Pose questions on your Facebook page.  People will often flock to comment on a question on Facebook.  People (for some reason) will feel compelled to answer the dumbest (and often rhetorical) questions.  How often have you seen funny responses to someone simply typing “why me?” If the question you post can be answered with yes or no, then save it for a questionnaire.  Open ended questions are the best.  You can also ask many questions through polls/questionnaires if you like.

Choose a wider variety of topics, because most companies will soon become set in their ways.  This is especially true if you have the same member of staff posting on your Facebook page.  People will check-out/switch-off if you keep barking on about the same subject all the time. 

On the Facebook platform, organizations/companies can own capabilities through so-called apps (applications) to provide and promote them and their products.  You may browse virtually countless available apps and get some ideas on how to make your company better known through things like status messages.  Games are very popular and finding (or programming) a Facebook App is not very difficult.

Click on your Facebook profile page or Facebook homepage at the top right of your account.  You are able to decide where your fans will land when they visit your Facebook profile.  At the same time you will also be able to determine what should be visible and to whom, as well as what they are permitted to post on your Facebook page/wall/profile.

To have a great many friends is not enough.  You must maintain your contacts by communicating wherever you can.  Even a little small talk never hurts, because then you show that you are on the cutting edge (live and not an uploading/posting program).  Timeliness within your profile is important, especially if you are an entrepreneur and/or marketing manager.  Create a weekly schedule of two to five hours to post new information and status updates such as press releases, personnel changes and up-coming events.

Monitor your reputation on Facebook.  It is extremely important to keep on top of your reputation (online or offline).  You should check to find out what the users on Facebook think and say about your company.  Respond quickly to the spread of negative criticism, because a bad reputation on the net will spread like wildfire and it may cost you some of your customers (both current and potential).

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