The Essential Business Tools for Business Success
A list of the most popular business tools to use and their functions.

The Essential Business Tools for Business Success

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Must-Have Tools for Startup Companies

Startups are faced with millions of possible tool choices, and choosing the right ones can be difficult and time-consuming. After surveying 550 startups in the US we have come up with a list of startup toolkit essentials you should consider having for your own startup business:

Top 3 Themes

1. Google Apps
Google only charges $5 a month and is essentially helping you run your business.

2. Service Software
The internet is becoming more and more powerful as people are turning towards more on-demand web applications that can be easily accessed from their browsers

3. Hard and Easy Choices
Some of the choices you must make as a startup organization will be difficult to make, such as deciding on a budget and what information management software you will use.

The Top Most Popular Products by Category

Company Email – Google Apps
Accounting - Quickbooks
Web Analytics – Google Analytics
CRM – Salesforce
Website Design -Adobe CS5
Storage/Backup/Virtualization -Dropbox
Payment Processing-Paypal

Project Management - Basecamp
Note Taking - Evernote
Collaboration/Wiki – Google Docs
Phone System – Google Voice

Finance & Accounting
Payroll – ADP
Banking/Loans – Bank of America
Billing – Quickbooks
Business Intelligence – Google Analytics
Company Credit Card – Company Credit Card
Merchant Account – Paypal

Development & IT
Bug Tracking – Jira
Database - MYSQL
IDE – Eclipse
Framework – Rails
Text Editor – Textmate
Testing Framework - RSPEC
Version Control - GIT

Hardware/Monitor – Mac Laptop/Monitor
Visual Design – Adobe Photoshop
Wireframing - Omnigraffle
Photo Editing – Adobe CS5

Web Operations
Web Hosting – Amazon
Ecommerce Platform – Magento

Sales & Marketing
Email Marketing – Mail Chimp
Social Media Management – Facebook and HootSuite

With the help of these lists of tools, you can save time and money, and have a better chance of success. Make use of these relevant and essential tools wisely, and your startup will raise its level of productivity.

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