Workplace Incentives: Employee Incentive Examples, Ideas and Programs
A listing of the top companies to work for that offer desirable employee incentive programs.

Workplace Incentives: Employee Incentive Examples, Ideas and Programs

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Top 9 Companies That Provide the Best Perks and What Employees Want from Their Employers

Work perks can be some of the main reasons why people dedicate their life to one job or company. Here are nine companies that provide the best work incentives for their employees:

1. Google
  • Free food from over 16 cafes.
  • Dogs are free to roam the office.
  • Subsidized massages.
  • Free laundry.
  • On-site gyms.
  • On-site doctors.

  • 2. SC Johnson
  • A concierge.
  • A lifetime gym membership for retirees.

  • 3. Facebook
  • Free food.
  • $3,000 compensation for childcare.
  • 21 days PTO, 11 paid holidays, and unlimited sick days.
  • 4 paid months for maternity/paternity leave.

  • 4. Netflix
  • No vacation policy as long as work gets done.
  • No dress code.

  • 5. Quicksilver
  • Surfing at Huntington Beach.

  • 6. Genentech
  • Free Sushi.
  • Daycare for children and dogs.

  • 7. Microsoft
  • Free transportation.

  • 8. MillerCoors
  • 13 beers on tap.

  • 9. SAS
  • On-site healthcare.
  • Summer camps for children.
  • Beauty salon.
  • Car cleaning.

  • 10 Things That Make Your Employees Happy

    1. Feeling Appreciated for Their Work
    2. Being Included in the Direction of the Company
    3. Sympathy for Their Personal Problems
    4. Job Security
    5. A Competitive Salary
    6. Interesting Work
    7. Opportunities to Grow
    8. Personal Loyalty to Other Workers
    9. Good Working Conditions
    10. Diplomatic Regulation

    Having practical benefits might be one way to draw in the right workers, but in the end, most employees are looking to feel valued within their line of work and know that their part matters. Use the tips above help yourself think about what you might want to offer within your company to give your employees an incentive to work more productively and stress-free.

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