Drip Marketing Campaigns: Examples, Ideas, and Tips
Strategies for gaining leads from your drip campaign and best practices to use.

Drip Marketing Campaigns: Examples, Ideas, and Tips

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Drip Campaign Fundamentals

A drip campaign is an email marketing method that involves automatically “dripping” information to a specific target audience. The emails are sent based on user action or after planned time intervals and are a great way to remind potential customers about your business and keep your audience updated.

Top 3 Benefits of Drip Campaigns

1. Timing: Automate a drip campaign to send a specific email depending on how your user is interacting with your brand and what step they are in the checkout cycle.

2. Lead Nurturing: Drip campaigns can be used not only to create leads, but to nurture them as well. Send regular updates about your business to build a higher chance of brand recognition and sales.

3. Automation: Creating an automatic system will save you a lot of time and help you reach out to more potential customers.

The 6 Types of Drip Campaigns

1. Top-of-Mind Drips: This type of campaign engages your leads by showing the sales process of your company.

2. Educational Drips: This type of campaign provides information to leads about a company’s products and makes them easily purchasable.

3. Re-Engagement Drips: This type of campaign is created to re-engage leads and bring back more excitement about your brand.

4. Competitive Drips: This type of campaign tries to convince the customers of your competition to switch to your product or service.

5. Promotional Drips: This type of campaign draws in customers by running limited time offers and special deals.

6. Training Drips: This type of campaign is used to educate new clients through a training program.

The Course of a Drip Campaign

A company can start its drip campaign once it decides to use white paper or not. This choice will either lead the marketing team to create a video or an e-book. After that, the team will work to create product demos, video overviews, or re-engagement campaigns.

4 Best Practices for Your Drip Campaign

1. Have a Targeted Audience: Create campaigns that are tailored to your target audience and choose your messages and advertisements to fit their preferences.

2. Give Your Readers a Choice: Allow options for your audience that specify how often they would like to receive your messages what type of content they would like to receive and how.

3. Experiment: Find out what works more effectively for your campaign by testing different variables. Check to see what produces the most positive results by looking at metrics such as click-throughs and bounces.

4. Find the Right Tools: Automation is the best tool for a drip campaign as it automatically send out your emails and saves valuable time. Other reasons to automate are that automation programs allow you to segment your campaigns, connect with social media, see your analytics, and integrate with CRM to make your efforts a lot easier.

Drip campaigns are one of the most useful marketing tools out there and can help remind people about your business. Use the article to help you plan out your drip campaign and maximize from your efforts and your attempt to run a successful drip campaign will bring in more sales and revenue to your company.

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