Creating the Best Digital Marketing Campaign
An outline of five elements to create an effective digital marketing campaign strategy.

Creating the Best Digital Marketing Campaign

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5 Ways to Raise Your Digital Marketing Success

As we delve deeper and deeper into the digital age, it can easily be seen how vastly the marketing world has changed. Here are some methods you can use to raise your level of insight that will ultimately affect your level of success.

1. Focus on Optimization
Experiment and test several variables to see which work best. This includes playing with image placement and the wording of your content. Unfortunately, 81% of marketers have reported that they spend 15% or less of their budget to work on optimizing their websites.

2. Use Data to Help You Make Decisions
Recommend products or content to your visitors to encourage them to stay and/or make a purchase. In a survey, it was found that 62% of site visitors prefer to receive recommendations, but only 38% of digital marketers actually do so. Another method in which data can help you is personalization. There are many variables that can affect what type of individual will visit your site, so create a system that can track them and use that data to personalize a user’s experience. The visitor, upon coming to your site will find content or products and services that appeal to them and will make them want to stay or make a purchase.

3. Use Video to Raise Conversions
In a survey, it was found that 61% of marketers are planning to focus their time in creating an effective video marketing strategy this year. This is mostly because video is 50 times more likely to bring your website to the top of the page on Google. An important thing to note is that an effective video campaign will engage its audience to create excitement. Some ways to do this are by creating annotations or overlays to appear in videos.

4. Make Your Website More Accessible
Tablet users are 3x times more likely to buy a service or product and spend 50% more than visitors who use smartphones. In addition, smartphone users spend 20% more than laptop and desktop users. This displays how important it is to appeal to all devices, as they can generate more revenue.

5. Engage in Social Media
One of the oldest tools for marketing has always been the word of mouth. Thanks to social media sites, getting customers to share their opinions about your business has never been easier. In a survey conducted in 2012, 70% of marketers believe that social sharing is the most effective social strategy method.

Digital marketing is a powerful method of spreading awareness about your brand and if you follow the above methods, you will save yourself plenty of time. Using new-age methods like video, accessibility, and social media will boost your amount of reach and will raise the amount of awareness people have about your brand as well.

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