Definition of a Solopreneur and Solopreneur Strategy
Characteristics to being a successful solopreneur.

Definition of a Solopreneur and Solopreneur Strategy

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Must-Have Gadgets for the Solo Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur involves dealing with high risk, high stress situations because of the amount of time and money their tasks demand of them. In today’s world, an entrepreneur needs to be well versed in the world of the internet and have the proper tools to boost their chances of sales and success. Here are some useful utensils that an entrepreneur needs to gear themselves with in order to have a better chance of achieving their business goals.

The Right Words
The big three words to use here are “synergize, monetize, and incentivize.” They generate a lot of buzz, but because of that should only be used sparingly.

Body Language
If you want to come out as strong and confident, make sure to have engaging eye contact, an open posture, a firm stance, and a kung fu grip handshake.

Effective Phone System
Creating a phone system that will bring you more credibility and professionalism is key to your success. Have an arrangement set in place that greets callers professionally, directs calls to cell, office, and home phones, and brings voicemails and faxes directly to your email.

Game Changing Gear

Here is a list of gadgets that you should never be without:

Mobile Payment Processors
These allow your business to accept credit cards with your smart phone or tablet and have an average processing fee of 2.7%. The convenience of having a mobile payment processor increases your chances of making sales and prevents you from taking a trip to the bank to cash in a check.

Hands Free Headset
A headset lets you multitask and accomplish more with your time. Wearing one will make you look like you are talking to yourself, but you will find that the social awkwardness is worth it in the end as you negotiate a sale while shopping for groceries.

Tablet Devices
Tablets allow you to use the applications you had on your smart phone, but on a larger screen and more powerful piece of hardware. After optimizing their sites for mobile activity 84% of businesses felt an increase in new business.

Pocket Projectors
These give you the same elements a big screen does but with a smaller package and more affordable price. With a pocket projector you can give a sales pitch or give a presentation with a visual to help your audience envision your ideas.

Tools of the Trade

Virtual Phone System
Choosing to involve a virtual phone system in your business process will bring a more professional presence to your clients. For 99.99% of cases, they prevent missed calls, are faster than a traditional on-premise PBX, and have no hardware, software, or equipment for you to worry about.

E-Signature Software
E-signature software lets you sign and receive signed documents from any device. This increases your business mobility and prevents you from having to constantly scan and print documents.

Online Conferencing
Setting yourself to have conferences online cuts travel expenditures and increases productivity. You can have them with multiple people around the world at the same time and in the same day, increasing your reach.

Email Marketing System
Setting up an email marketing system makes it easy to build and manage email campaigns and newsletters. They bring an average of 18% yearly increase in revenue and allow you to reach more people than you ever could if you did it in person.

Social Media Dashboard
A social media dashboard makes it easy for you to monitor and post to your company’s social media platforms from one handy location. With this tool you can raise your company’s visibility in the most easy and inexpensive ways.

Cloud Storage
Cloud storage allows you to easily store, share, and back up files from your computer. It is used by 38% of small business owners as a disaster recovery plan, which prevents an over-dependency on physical storage methods such as external hard drives and USBs.

CRM and CMS Systems
These systems work to easily administer and report on your sales feed. An additional benefit to using these tools is that you can update and edit your web presence without a programmer.

As an entrepreneur, it is important for you to be able to do business anytime and anywhere. Having the right tools and systems set in place can optimize the amount of business you receive and give you a more professional and credible presence.

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