The Definition of Digital Marketing: Why, What, How, and Trends
A definition of digital marketing and how to use it to market your brand and product.

The Definition of Digital Marketing: Why, What, How, and Trends

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What is Digital Marketing?

Start with a Website
Having a website will allow you to create a digital identity for your brand, raise awareness, and reach a broader audience.

Optimize Pages
Regularly optimize your page content while focusing on SEO for web presence, SEM focused keywords, and social media for promotion and exposure. Integrate on page optimization through internal SEO practices focused on URL, title tags, sitemap, keyword rich content, headings, optimized images, inbound links, and custom error pages. Look at external SEO practices through directory submission, social bookmarketing, blog comments, and participating in Q&A sites.

Search Engine Marketing
Perform keyword research to specifically target your audience, Google ads for advertising, and reports to evaluate your traffic before and after a campaign is performed to measure its success. Display advertising ads using Google Display Network, set up webmaster tools to monitor continual activities and overall state of your website, and speed test for improved performance.

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