Customer Service Listening Methods and Strategy
Ways customers prefer to communicate for customer service.

Customer Service Listening Methods and Strategy

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How to Give Good Customer Service by Listening to Your Customers

Giving an exceptional customer experience helps your company thrive, bring repeat customers, and lifetime loyalty. Many companies are clueless about how to create this type of experience for their customers and are unaware that it all starts when you let your customers do the talking.

The Method of Communication U.S. Consumers Prefer

90% of consumers prefer to have phone communication with 75% desiring face to face contact. This provides consumers with an ability to receive individual service. Company website, live chat, and email is acceptable for 67% of consumers who prefer this form of convenience. Lastly, 22% of consumers prefer text message or contact through social networking sites, proving how personalized contact is preferred.

Typical Customer Service Experiences
  • Exceed 6%
  • Meet 61%
  • Miss 29%

  • How Customer Service Influences Your Business

    78% of potential customers choose not to go with a transaction or an intended purchase because they were given poor customer service.
    18% refuse to do business with a company that gives poor service.
    94% of U.S. consumers talk about their good customer service experiences with other people.
    82% of U.S. consumers believe that small businesses offer better customer service than large ones.
    9/10 customers will repeat a purchase from a company that gives good customer service.

    Customer Service is Becoming More Social

    Nearly 51% of consumers utilize social media to speak to corporations.
    47% of social media users seek customer service through social media.
    78% believe that social media will take over all corporate communication in the future.
    50% of Twitter users expect a response from a contacted company within 2 hours.
    86% of consumers complaining via tweet would have like a tweeted response.
    Only 33% of consumers that anticipated a response on social media actually received one.
    83% of Twitter users and 71% of Facebook users want a response to brand complaints within 24 hours.
    Customers who receive quick and effective responses from a brand are 3 times more likely to recommend it.
    Almost 75% of people who received replies on social media were satisfied with it.

    As you can see, customer service truly affects how well your business does in the long run. With customer service becoming a part of the social media scene, it is important now more than ever to make sure that the experience you give to your customers is an exceptionally positive one.

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