6 Exceptional World Class Customer Service Examples
Six examples of how to provide positive customer service to your client.

6 Exceptional World Class Customer Service Examples

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6 Examples of Shockingly Excellent Customer Service

A little good customer service can go a long way for your business. Not only does having excellent customer service create loyal customers, it helps to spread the word about you as well.

1. Trader Joe’s – After receiving a call from a concerned daughter about her snowed in 89 year-old father, an employee from Trader Joe’s decided to deliver the food she ordered in person that fit into the man’s special diet, gratis.

2. Chik-Fil-A – In Southern Carolina, Chick-Fil-A recently teamed up with local highway patrolmen and started a program that rewards drivers for wearing their seatbelts.

3. Airport Fast Park – In Baltimore Washington International Airport, a nearby Airport Fast Park directs its attendants to greet customers and show them the best places to park their car. After that, the customer is met by a shuttle near their car, and the bus driver helps them pack their luggage. Lastly, when the customer comes back the shuttle brings you to your car and hands you a bottle of water as well.

4. Arby’s – An 89 year-old woman named Pearl Weaver is an employee for Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, and her purpose is to make people smile. As a customer walks in, Pearl greets them as she waves her pompoms, and because of this she is mentioned regularly in customer satisfaction surveys and has won many awards for her customer service.

5. CVS – For the past 30 years, CVS has been working to help stranded motorists. A woman near a busy highway was found by a CVS Good Samaritan, who then helped her change her tire. After getting such great customer service from the Samaritan, the only thing she was asked in return was to send in a comment card to CVS.

6. Ritz-Carlton – A family staying at the Ritz-Carlton in Bali had brought along some eggs and milk for their son, who suffered from food allergies. Once they arrived, they realized that the eggs were broken and the milk had soured. As a result, an executive chef told his mother from Singapore to buy the products from a special store and ship them to Bali.

These extraordinary examples of good customer service will hopefully serve to inspire you to give back to your customers. Giving good service is like karma and will bring you more business as your appreciated customers tell their stories about your brand.

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