Clean Up Online Reputation
Here is an infographic guide on how to clean up your online reputation.

Clean Up Online Reputation

Reputation Management

Rank your website higher than any negative press about it.

Get your website ranked higher than any negative “press” on it.  You should know the best keywords to appeal to your customer base.  If you are finding negative reviews and comments, coming up on keywords that you are not fighting for ranking for, then you should have a serious look at why. But with that said, do not over-react.  If you are seeing negative reviews/complaints/articles/blogs/etc on keywords that your potential customers are not typing into Google, then don’t worry about them too much.  If you are selling carpets, then does it really matter what the national pigeon fanciers viewers are seeing?  Of course, you should look into the situation, to find out if your potential customers are seeing the negative press, but if they aren’t then don’t worry about it.

Encourage positive press

Ask your staff to post positive reviews on your products if they are buying them.  Employees will often get a staff discount and so will often buy your product.  If they do, then encourage them to post positive reviews about it.  Have them post on their websites, their blogs, their social media.  There are no laws against contracting your employees to “not” post negative comments online (or offline for that matter).  You can write into your staff’s contracts that, if they are heard speaking negatively about the company within earshot of a potential customer, they can be disciplined, and even dismissed if they are multiple offenders.  The same can be said for their online chatter. Write this into their contracts also, stipulating that they will be punished if they post negative comments online.  You can also encourage your current loyal customers to make positive comments online about you.

Online reputation management companies

There are online reputation management companies that you can pay to remove some negative press from online sites.  For example there are those companies that claim to be able to remove negative comments about your company from online complaint boards and forums.  There are also companies that will pay third world country employees a couple of American cents to write positive reviews and comments about your company online, so that any potential customers will see that your positive press dwarfs your negative press.

Use negative feedback to advertise

Show your potential customers that you are a caring and sharing company and reply to the negative press you find online.  If you are allowed to comment on it and give your side of the story, then do so.  Make sure that if you can make an offer to repair the damage, then do it.  People will look a lot more kindly upon you if they see that you made an honest mistake and that you are willing to fix the damage.

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