Church Management and Adminsitration Most Used Software
A listing of the top 5 software solutions for church management based on user popularity and social outreach.

Church Management and Administration Most Used Software

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The Top 5 Most Popular Software Solutions for Church Management

Church management software is a tool used to aid churches in managing many aspects of their operations, which include accounting, membership, attendance, and event scheduling. They have become more popular as more and more churches have realized how potentially beneficial they can be to their goals and interests. According to Capterra, the size of the industry is now over $100 million. The top five software solutions for churches are measured based on the number of churches, number of members, and social presence.

Top 5 Popular Church Management Software Options
1. ACS Technologies
2. Servant Keeper
3. PowerChurch Software
4. ParishSOFT/Logos
5. Church Community Builder

Top 5 by Total Churches
1. ACS Technologies – 50k
2. PowerChurch Software – 34k
3. Servant Keeper – 25k
4. ParishSOFT/Logos – 13k
5. Church Windows – 11k

Top 5 by Total Members
1. ACS Technologies – 125m
2. ParishSOFT/Logos – 20m
3. Servant Keeper – 19m
4. Church Community Builder – 8m
5. PowerChurch Software – 8m

Church Software with the Highest Amount of Social Media Followers
  • Twitter: Servant Keeper – 7.3k
  • Facebook: Elexio – 2.5k
  • LinkedIn: ACS Technologies – 1.1k

  • Church software has proven to be beneficial to more and more churches because they make it easy for them to run their functions and manage their congregations. Church software has also shown to have a good market share, resulting in many companies attempting to create their own versions.

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