Skills of a Good Leader and Characteristics of Leadership
An explanation of leadership attributes and how to develop your skill set.

Skills of a Good Leader and Characteristics of Leadership

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Learning to Lead and Follow the Practices of Successful Leaders

Leadership is a very sought-after characteristic in today’s world. Hiring the right, charismatic candidate for your job position can bring you more benefits than you thought possible if you are a business owner. Leaders work to bring change and keep a company moving forward, resulting in business agility. Here are some facts about what companies are looking for and what they are doing to find the right people:

Statistics of Leadership in Companies
  • $12 billion was spent on leadership development by U.S. companies during the 2009 recession
  • 56% of company leaders believe they will soon face a deficiency of qualified exclusive talent
  • 60% of CEOs claim that creativity is their most sought after leadership ability
  • 44% of leaders believe their management strategies are too bureaucratic and a nuisance

  • 8 Steps in Leadership Development Training Goals

    1. Foundation – Academic and professional.
    2. Character - Walk the talk, integrity, purpose, mission, ethics, beliefs, and values.
    3. Ideology - Point of view, big message, main points, and tenets.
    4. Personality – Charisma, style, originality, authenticity, and one of a kind.
    5. Performance - Inspiring action, real-world performance, and work ethic.
    6. Experience - Beyond local and regional, and more national and international.
    7. Expression - Substance and style in writing, speaking, coaching, consulting, mentoring, training, and teaching.
    8. Authority - Difference, results, change, and transformation.

    A Leader’s Six Steps to Action

    1. Anticipation - Put together a wide outer network and think of future issues.
    2. Critical Thinking - Question everything and work out fundamental concerns.
    3. Interpretation - Be specific when collecting data from multiple sources.
    4. Decision - Keep a healthy balance between accuracy and speed to keep the team moving forward.
    5. Alignment - Build trust and collaboration dependence among your staff.
    6. Learning - Search for candid feedback, make tweaks, and make rapid adjustments if needed.

    Leadership Styles CEOs Like

  • Visionary - Good when a direction change is vital.
  • Coaching - Help employees progress their accomplishment levels or build up long-term strengths.
  • Affiliative - Encourage their staff during high-stress periods.
  • Democratic - Build an agreement and pay attention to input from valuable employees.
  • Pacesetting - Get fast results with a skilled and highly motivated team.
  • Commanding - Shift gears during times of crisis or when problems with employees arise.

  • In order to maximize benefits and reduce costs, an employee needs to have competent leadership skills. Whether you are an employee or a business owner, it is important to know the value of having good leadership skills. Many companies are seeking to hire leaders within their organizations and are willing to pay to achieve the results they want and beyond. Leaders cannot be made from just anyone, and are hard to come by, making them hard to find but ultimately useful in the end.

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