Call to Action Marketing Guide: Examples, Templates and Best Phrases
An outline of the do's and don'ts of call to action buttons.

Call to Action Marketing Guide: Examples, Templates and Best Phrases

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How to Arrange and Create a Successful Call to Action Button

A great Call to Action (CTA) Button will help you achieve your goals as well as subscriber’s. Here are some ways to create an effective call to action button to persuade the reader to click, make a purchase, register for a webinar, request information, or visit a website as you concurrently communicate value.

10 Ways to Use a CTA Button

1. Format
Find out whether or not having an image-based or text-based CTA is right for you, and consider using different shapes or images besides a rectangle. Then, check for relevant downloads, landing pages, forms, or other destinations beyond the click to prevent visitor confusion.

2. Language
Stick to simple and straightforward language in order to get the most conversions and explain to the reader why they should click.

3. Content
Design your message to encourage engagement from your reader and to help lead the reader’s eye towards your CTA.

4. Size
Make your CTA button prominent enough to stand out on the page. Also, select a legible text size, font, and color that will complement the button as well.

5. Color
Make the CTA button stand out with a color that contrasts with the page. In addition, be sure to select a color that fits the color palette and theme of the email also.

6. Placement
Place the CTA button above the fold to achieve the best results and design your emails to evoke responses from even busy readers by placing the button higher as well.

7. Repetition
Give your CTA suggestion more weight by strategically adding scattered clickable elements throughout the email.

8. White Space
Attract attention to your CTA by balancing the button with the right amount of surrounding negative space. Also, place the CTA button away from the main text to give it more emphasis.

9. Icons and Images
Add icons or visual cues to increase conversion rates. This will maximize your user’s experience and encourage more clicks.

10. Bulletproof Buttons
Use HTML text and background colors and images to create a CTA button that will be visible even when images are blocked.

8 Things to Avoid with CTA Buttons

1. Content
Utilize language that appeals and applies to your subscribers. Avoid using unfamiliar terms, abbreviations, or anything potentially offensive to maximize your conversion rate.

2. Language
Avoid passive voice on your CTA button. Instead, explain how clicking will benefit them to encourage the reader to take action. Furthermore, make sure to mention limited time offers to better entice your visitor to convert and/or make a purchase.

3. Size
Do not create a button that is too large or too small. The rightly sized CTA button will not be so small that it gets lost amongst your content or so large that it overwhelms the website’s design. Following these size guidelines prevents the user from becoming overwhelmed or irritated.

4. Icons and Images
Do not add unfamiliar images or icons that do not clarify the purpose of the button or link.

5. Placement
If you want multiple CTAs in a single email, use different styles for each button and do not place them close to each other.

6. Missing Link
Link all logos, products, images, and brand names to the right pages to avoid frustration and missing link opportunities from users.

7. Mobile
Make sure that your buttons are at least 44x44 pixels in order to cater to your mobile audience.

8. Tired and Untrue
Experiment with A/B split tests to find out which buttons, links, colors, and graphics work better for you.

Your Call to Action Button needs to be planned out well in advance in order to maximize your results. After reading and following these tips you will see an increase in your conversion and click rates, which will lead up to an increase in sales as well.

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