How Bad Business Reviews and Good Business Reviews Affect Business
A look at how traditional word to mouth has changed within the digital age and impact your businesses reputation.

How Bad Business Reviews and Good Business Reviews Affect Business

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How Reviews Affect Local Businesses

Now that online reviews are becoming more and more commonplace, it is vital to make sure that your business has a positive online presence. Here are some statistics about online reviews and how they can impact your future business locally.

How New Customers Find Local Small Businesses

  • 82% Word-of-Mouth
  • 66% Internet
  • 37% Advertising
  • 23% Yellow Pages
  • 23% Newspaper/Magazines
  • 17% Storefront
  • 21% Other

  • Using the Internet

    The Amount of Times an Average Person Uses the Internet to Find a Local Business within 12 Months.

  • 2-5 times– 25%
  • 6-10 times – 17%
  • Every week – 16%
  • 0 times – 15%
  • Every month – 10%
  • 1 time – 9%
  • Almost every day – 8%

  • Judgement

    Do you read online reviews before you decide a local business is good business?

  • “Yes, Regularly” – 27%
  • “Yes, Occasionally” – 49%
  • “No” – 24%

  • The Influence of Opinions

    How Customer Reviews Affect Visitor Opinions

  • “Positive customer reviews make me trust a business.” – 58%
  • “Reviews that do not deter me or influence my decision.” – 25%
  • “I don’t pay any attention to online reviews.” – 24%

  • A bad online review can deter potential customers away from your store, so make sure that you give great customer service and set up a fort of positive online reviews to protect yourself. People are easily influenced by reviews, and the amount of lost sales will add up quickly, so make sure to invest some time to bring a positive light to your business online.

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