Business Blogging 101: Business Blogging Tips and Ideas
An explanation of blogging and the best platforms to use.

Business Blogging 101: Business Blogging Tips and Ideas

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How Blogging Can Help Your Business

A blog is a web site that allows a writer to create posts about their own experiences, observations, and opinions. They almost always include images and will have links to other web sites as well. A well-established blogger will regularly maintain and add new entries to their blog.

Top 7 Most-Used Blogging Platforms

1. Blogger
2. Wordpress
3. Tumblr
4. TypePad
5. MovableType
6. LiveJournal
7. Drupal

The Blogging Demographic

Males: 40%
Females: 60%

Blogging for More Than 2 Years: 81%
College Degrees: 79%
Graduate Degrees: 43%

Blogs for enjoyment.
Does not have a reported income.
Measures their success by personal satisfaction.

Blogs for their own company purposes.

Blogs part-time in addition to their full-time job.
Measures success by traffic.

Blogs as a full time for a company to share his/her knowledge.
High chance of having previously worked in traditional media.

How Blogging Can Help Your Business

Marketing Integration
You can use all of the content you create on your blog to draw in more sales and broaden your marketing reach.

A blog that is relevant and active will powerfully impact your search engine results.

Humanize Your Brand
A blog presents a method to show the “soft” side of your business story.

Sign of Activity
A regularly posted blog shows that your organization or business shows that your website is current and updated.

Customer Engagement
Engage with your customers and create chances for conversations that might prove useful in the future.

Re-Purpose the Content
Recycle your content to be repurposed for newsletters, ebooks, and press releases.

Market Segmentation
If your audience has multiple segments, try creating multiple blogs to appeal to customers of different interests, demographics, and geography.

Keyword Tag
Place meta tags in your content that will highlight the importance of certain keywords and phrases that you have included on your web page.

Blog Frequency of Most Businesses

45% - Two or three times per week
27% - At least once a week
15% - Once or twice a day
13% - Once every few weeks

Top 5 Earning Blogs

1. The Huffington Post
Monthly Revenue: $2,330,000
Main Income: Pay Per Click

2. Mashable
Monthly Revenue: $560,000
Main Income: Advertising Banners

3. Perez Hilton
Monthly Revenue: $450,000
Main Income: Advertising Banners

4. Techcrunch
Monthly Revenue: $400,000
Main Income: Advertising Banners

5. Smashing Magazine
Monthly Revenue: $190,000
Main Income: Advertising Banners

Reading this article will have changed your mind about your previous thoughts of blogging or enlightened you even more about its benefits. Create a blog for your business or organization that will present itself in a more humane way and you will find that your customers will be more interested in you after hearing what you have to say.

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